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The Epic of Zektbach Zektbach Official Site Guide Book Bonus CD

The Epic of Zektbach ゼクトバッハ叙事詩公式ガイドブック 特典CD
The Epic of Zektbach Zektbach Jojishi Koushiki Guide Book Tokuten CD
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 28, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, First Press Bonus
Release Price 4725 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Original Work
PublisherFujimi Shobo Co., Ltd. / /


Composer / Zektbach
Arranger / Zektbach

Disc 1 Original Work

01 Ristaccia 2:17
02 Shamshir Dance 1:56
03 ZETA ~The World of Prime Numbers and the Transcendent One~ 2:13
04 Blind Justice ~Torn souls,Hurt Faiths~ 2:10
05 Apocalypse ~dirge of swans~ 2:05
06 Turii ~Everything flows~ 2:52
07 Raison d'etre ~Intersecting Fates~ 2:10
08 The Sealer ~The People of A'milia to Milia~ 2:11
09 revelation (from Zektbach official web) 1:53
10 Masinowa (from Zektbach official web) 2:12
11 village hidden in the mist (from Zektbach official web) 1:49
12 innocent wish (from Zektbach official web) 1:30
13 The Last twins (from Zektbach official web) 1:06
14 Theme of Misakuya (from Zektbach Novel CD Series ~Masinowa~) 2:27
15 rotten tree (from Zektbach Novel CD Series ~Masinowa~) 2:47
Disc length 31:38



Bonus CD of "The Epic of Zektbach" Official Site Guide Book.

Track 1~7 are the versions used in the MVs released on the limited editions of Ristaccia and Masinowa albums.
Track 9~13 are the official site's BGMs.
Track 14,15 are soundtracks from from Zektbach Novel CD Series ~Masinowa~.

M-01 - Asian Philharmonic Orchestra
M-04 - Maiko Horisawa
M-05 - Yu Tokiwa
M-06,7 - Akiko Shikata
M-08 - Chie Fukami

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