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B-Bird / earthmind [Limited Edition]



Disc 1 (CD) [SRCL-7815]

01 B-Bird 4:51
02 Kaleidoscope 4:04
03 Nostalgia 4:40
04 B-Bird -Instrumental- 4:51
Disc length 18:26
Disc 2 (DVD) [SRCL-7816]

01 B-Bird (Music Video)

  Total tracks 5   Total length 18:26


M-01 is used as the ending theme for the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 4.

earthmind is Vocal: Erina, Guitars: Ommy, Bass: JUN TAKAI
All Songs Composed & Arranged by Shinya Saito, Written by FLAT5th Rico

Sound Produced by Shinya Saito
Directed by Taku Sugawara (directiv)

Keyboards & Programming: Shinya Saito
Background Vocals: FLAT5th Rico
Drums: Yutaka Watanabe [1], Shuntaro Kado [2]
Strings: "Daisensei" Muroya strings [1]

Mixed and Recorded by Hiroaki Ogushi
Assisted by Masayoshi Shinomiya (Studio Sound DALI), Manabu Ohta (MAGNET STUDIO), Shunsuke Kitayama (Anterior Studio), Kazuya Yoshida (TOM·TOM Studio), Yoshikazu Nagai (Azabu-O Studio)
Recorded at Studio Sound DALI, MAGNET STUDIO, Anterior Studio, TOM·TOM Studio
Mixed at Azabu-O Studio

Mastered by Yuji Chinone (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastered at Sony Music Studios Tokyo

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