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KUNG FU PANDA 2 Music From The Motion Picture


Disc 1

01 Ancient China / Story of Shen 2:43
02 Dumpling Warrior 1:19
03 Inner Peace 2:26
04 Musicians Village 1:20
05 Save Kung Fu 3:41
06 Daddy Issues 4:22
07 Stealth Mode 4:04
08 Gongmen Jail 2:40
09 Rickshaw Chase 2:36
10 Po and Shen / Face to Face 5:58
11 More Cannons! 3:00
12 Fireworks Factory 6:49
13 Po Finds the Truth 5:04
14 Invasion Begins 2:37
15 Zen Ball Master 7:21
16 My Fist Hungers For Justice 4:55
17 Dumpling Warrior Remix 3:31
Disc length 64:26


Music Composed and Produced by Hans Zimmer and John Powell

Music Executive: Sunny Park
Soundtrack Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Additional Music: Lorne Balfe, Dominic Lewis, Paul Mounsey
Music Editor: Adam Smalley
Additional Music Editor: Peter "Oso" Snell, Slamm Andrews
Score Recorded by Nick Wollage, Sam Okell
Score Recorded at Air Studios and Abbey Road Studios, London
Score Mixed by Alan Meyerson
Additional Recordings: Daniel Kresco
Score Technical Engineers: Thomas Broderick, Victor Chaga, Chuck Choi, Andrew Kawczynski, John Traunwieser
Digital Instrument Design: Beth Caucci, Michael John Mollo, Mark Wherry
Sample Development: Sam Estes, Michael Hobe
Score Assistant Engineers: John Barett, Tom Bailey, Olga Fitzroy, Pete Hutchings, Adam Miller, Ben Robinson, Christian Wenger
Score Editor: David Channing
Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica
Supervising Orchestrator: John Ashton Thomas
Additional Orchestrations by Dave Metzger, Rick Giovinazzo, Andrew Kinney, Gavin Greenaway, Tommy Laurence, Germaine Franco
Percussion Soloists: Frank Ricotti, Paul Clarvis, Gary Kettel, Stephen Henderson, Bill Lockhart, Ian Thomas
Erhu Soloist: Hua Qi
Timpani Soloist: Michael Baker
Solo Cello: Anthony Pleeth
Score and Choir Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
Orchestra Leader (First Violin): Emlyn Singleton
Choir: Metro Voices
Choir Master: Jenny O'Grady
Music Preparation: Mark Graham
Librarians: Jill Streater, David Hage
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley
Music Managers: Roger Tang, Susan Thampi
Music Production Services: Steve Kofsky
Studio Managers: Czarina Russell, Alison Burton, Colette Barber
Score Coordinator for Hans Zimmer: Andrew Zack
Music Clearances: Julie Butchko
Music Business Affairs: Dan Butler, Liz McNicoll, Jennifer Schiller
Album Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Remix by Tom Holkenborg
Voice: Jack Black

Credits according to ASCAP database:
Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Paul Mounsey - 01, 02, 09
Hans Zimmer, John Powell - 03, 13, 16
Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Lorne Balfe - 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11, 15
Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Dominic Lewis - 12, 14

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