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Chrono Ark - Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 31, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Prototype/Unused
Published by Alex Roe (distributed by Bandcamp / / )
Composed by Alex Roe, Yasunori Mitsuda / , Noriko Matsueda /
Arranged by Alex Roe


Disc 1

01 Chrono Ark ~Echoes of Inevitability~ (with 'Chrono Trigger Theme') 3:08
02 Main Menu 2:14
03 Times Have Changed (Prologue 'Chrono Trigger Theme') 2:01
04 Ordained Tragedy (Guardia War) 2:31
05 Unyielding Promise (Marle's Theme 'Chrono Trigger Far Off Promise') 1:42
06 Crono's Strength (Boss Tank 'Chrono Trigger Boss 1') 1:37
07 Crono's Might (Crono Gives Chase 'Chrono Trigger Battle 1') 2:00
08 Dark Desires (Sinister) 1:49
09 Crono's Heroism (Boss General Alexander 'Chrono Trigger Boss 2') 2:30
10 Difficulty Accepting (Sad Theme) 1:57
11 Over For Now (Game Over) 0:51
12 Rising Sunlight (Arc Wakes 'Chrono Trigger Morning Sunlight') 1:00
13 Arc's House 2:24
14 Leader of Courage (Arc's Theme) 1:58
15 Early Sky (Choras Town) 2:16
16 Mini Game 2:00
17 Rest Well (Sleep) 0:12
18 Memories of the Past (1026AD World Map) 2:07
19 Forgotten Ruins (Hero's Grave) 2:28
20 Time to Fight (Battle 1) 2:13
21 Victory Ride! (Victory 'Chrono Cross Victory') 1:29
22 Destined to be Immortal (Boss 1) 2:37
23 Fighting to be Together (Maia's Theme) 1:44
24 I Remember (Flashbacks) 1:57
25 Dawn of our Departure (Leaving Choras) 2:31
26 With an Iron Fist (Porre City) 2:51
27 Long Live Alexander (General Alexander's Theme) 1:41
28 Snails and Lemon Mint Sauce (Cafés) 2:43
29 Gentle Timberland (Fiona's Forest) 2:50
30 Social Breeze (Camp) 2:10
31 Our Promise (Arc and Maia's Promise) 3:54
32 This Is Not A Drill (Drill Event) 1:41
33 Time Protection Unit (Artemis's Theme) 2:07
34 Undeniable (2000AD World Map) 2:31
35 Technological Tranquility (Truce Dome) 2:16
36 2000 Times (Leene Fair and Parade) 3:03
37 Catastrophe (Panic Theme) 2:11
38 Suits (Conspirators) 2:02
39 Alone (Escape through Back Alleys) 2:59
40 How Are You Feeling (Hospital) 2:18
41 The Girl Who Reached Beyond (Naomi's Theme) 2:30
42 Gemini Assassins (Trant and Alanis's Theme) 2:40
43 Metropolitan Atrophy (Abandoned Suburbs) 2:43
44 Gemini To Die For (Boss Tyr and Anahita) 2:56
45 Breath of Wind (615AD World Map 'Chrono Trigger Wind Scene') 2:00
46 Emerald Dispersion (Guardia Forest 'Chrono Trigger Secret of the Forest') 2:51
47 The Promising Hero (Tata's Theme) 1:51
48 Hazy Days (Truce Village) 1:51
49 Queen, King and Country (Guardia Castle with 'Chrono Trigger Courage and Pride') 2:48
50 It's Marlene =3 (Marlene's Theme) 1:46
51 Old Frog (Chrono Trigger Frog's Theme) 1:24
52 Pirates of the Porrean (Blood Beards' Pirates) 1:38
53 Searching for a Pearl (Kilmea Island) 1:56
54 Zeals Familiar (Under Kilmea Island with 'Chrono Trigger Undersea Palace') 2:26
55 Wild Wild Guardia (849AD World Map) 2:22
56 Engine Gusty Blues (Train) 1:44
57 San Dorino (San Dorino Town) 2:10
58 Fly Little Chiro! (Chiro's Theme) 1:31
59 Outcasts of the Law (New Medina) 1:58
60 Draw or Die (Arc's Duel) 1:57
61 Masamine (Denadoro Mines) 2:26
62 The Blade Blessed in Battle (Boss Masamune Wielder) 2:14
63 Religiously Overthrown (1AD World Map) 2:08
64 Empire of Excellence (Zenan Palace) 2:15
65 Zenan's Glory (Zenan Empire) 2:24
66 The Healing Woman (Solona's Theme) 2:01
67 Challenge of the Gladiator (Zenan Coliseum) 1:50
68 Hiking on the Perilous Breeze (Mountains) 2:55
69 Give it to the People (Zareb Town) 2:34
70 Silent Shadow (Sneaking) 1:44
71 A World of Still Beauty (1026AD Another World Map 'Chrono Trigger Peaceful Day') 2:37
72 Bliss Could Be This (1026AD Another Truce Town) 2:20
73 Feels Like Home (Lucca's House) 2:27
74 Nothing (The Mist) 1:46
75 You've Got To Be Kidding (Comical) 2:54
76 Just Like Your Mother (Aurora's Theme) 2:07
77 Challenge of the Soldier (Aurora's Trials with 'Chrono Trigger Kingdom Trial') 1:49
78 Just Like My Lover (Alexei's Theme) 2:18
79 Clever Stratagems (Alexei's Strategy) 2:31
80 Deep Remorse (Alexei and Aurora's Sad Theme) 2:48
81 One Last Time (Guardia Waltz) 3:28
82 Welcome to Geddon (Approaching Geddon) 3:32
83 Island of Geddon (Darkness Beyond Time) 3:02
84 Heroes Are Sins (Boss 2) 3:03
85 Nocturne of Melancholy (Sad Theme 2) 2:49
86 Time Cannot Change the Heart (Artemis's Past) 1:35
87 All Walks of Life (Medina City) 3:18
88 Time's Harmony (1026AD Zareb Island) 3:00
89 Crimes Among the Innocent (1026AD Truce Town) 2:41
90 Crimes at Night (1026AD Truce Town Night) 1:53
91 Serge of Death (Aiding Serge 'Chrono Cross The Brink of Death') 2:21
92 Harmony (Reggiora Town) 2:02
93 Oblivious (Revelation 'Chrono Trigger The Brink of Time') 2:00
94 Humanity rose above the World (2400AD World Map) 2:34
95 Terrarists (Terra Eventus Secret Bases) 2:45
96 Your Time Has Come (Battle 2) 2:39
97 Soldiers of Time (Boss Terra Eventus) 2:19
98 Tomorrow's Edge (Rising Gaia) 2:43
99 Unification (Final Boss Protovos) 3:52
100 Echo of a Hero (Epilogue) 3:43
Disc length 231:02


Chrono Ark was a fan game being made by a small team of people that was going to be a sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Unfortunately the team including myself have discontinued working on it for various reasons, mostly because we are all too busy with our lives and new work prospects. Now that we have moved on I can release the soundtrack I was making for it. I finished most of the soundtrack in 2009 and was adding to it here and there as time went on. Although I wasn't able to finish it, it is pretty much done and enough was completed for me to release it.

Chrono Ark was a story following a new cast of characters and a new protagonist, Arc. After a prologue that shows Crono and Marle during the events of the Guardia War and their fates uncertain, the game begins as Arc in his hometown of Choras. As Arc journeys with Maia to find his "sister" Lucca, they encounter the group Terra Eventus that wish to cleanse the world with the awakening of Lavos. They terrorize time with their goals but are fought against by the Time Protection Unit, a group that try to stop time intervention. This encounter causes Arc and Maia to become split in different time periods. Meeting new faces and characters from the Chrono games, they ultimately try to get back together. But their lives are changed when they discover what happens to time when it is changed, and inevitably try to stop a being known as Protovos.

I wish I could reveal more about what happened and what the game was about but it is not my decision to do so, The team wanted me to release my work which I'm really thankful for. To help understand more about the game each track has its use or general use in brackets and hopefully with the music you'll get a feel of where things were going. Our concept artist has agreed to include some of his newer art pieces and I included some of his older ones so you could see what some of the other characters looked like as well. He is also working on an art book which I will surely link when it is ready. And the sprite artist has let me show a little of her work too.

Thank you for listening, let's all hope one day Square Enix will make a Chrono sequel!

Special thanks goes to:

Kagero Studios (the team, the forum) for their great support.
Jennifer and Dan Hunker for doing the project and inspiring me with their work and writing.
Lalo for his great art work and cover art too!
Team members that came and went, contributing what they could.
Shnabubula for his godly wisdom, go check out his music!

~ Alex Roe

All tracks composed or arranged by Alex Roe.
All arranged tracks originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, except Track 6, composed by Noriko Matsueda and originally arranged by Nobuo Uematsu.
Arranged tracks are based on compositions from Chrono Trigger, except Tracks 21 and 91, based on Chrono Cross.

- Track sources -

01, 03 Chrono Trigger
05 Crono & Marle -A Distant Promise-
06 Boss Battle 1
07 Battle
09 Boss Battle 2
12 Morning Glow
21 Victory ~???~
45 Yearnings of the Wind
46 Secret of the Forest
49 Guardia Castle -Pride & Glory-
51 Frog's Theme
54 Ocean Palace
71 Peaceful Days
77 The Trial
91 The Brink of Death
93 End of Time

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