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Capcom Game Music

Catalog Number ALC-22905 (pre-release of 28XA-94)
Barcode 4988024000922
Release Date Aug 25, 1986
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2200 JPY
Media Format Cassette
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
LabelG.M.O. Records / /
PublisherAlfa Records, Inc. / /
DistributorWarner-Pioneer Corporation / /


Disc 1

01 Makaimura 5:54
02 SonSon 2:40
03 1942 2:58
04 Higemaru 3:25
05 Tatakai no Banka 5:03
06 Makaimura Arrange Version 3:43
Side length 23:43
07 Senjou no Ookami 3:26
08 Gun.Smoke 5:33
09 Exed Exes 4:03
10 Section Z 6:45
11 Senjou no Ookami Arrange Version 3:10
Side length 22:57



'Maikamura' is also known as 'Ghosts 'n Goblins'
'Tatakai No Banka' is also known as 'Trojan'
'Senjou No Ookami' is also known as 'Commando'

Track 6 & 11 are arrange versions

Note that the CD version may split up the individual medleys into individual tracks

Notes from Parent Album:
Credits (from the booklet)

M01: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Makaimura)
  Composed by Ayako Mori

M02: Son Son
  Composed by Ayako Mori / Tamayo Kawamoto

M03: 1942
  Composed by Ayako Mori

M04: Higemaru
  Composed by Ayako Mori / Tamayo Kawamoto

M05: Trojan (Tatakai no Banka)
  Composed by Ayako Mori

M06: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Makaimura) Arrange Version
  Composed by Ayako Mori
  Arranged by Yoshihiro Kunimoto

M07: Commando (Senjou no Ookami)
  Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto

M08: Gun Smoke
  Composed by Ayako Mori

M09: Exed Exes
  Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto

M10: Section Z
  Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto

M11: Commando (Senjou no Ookami) Arrange Version
  Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto
  Arranged by Yoshihiro Kunimoto

The individual tracks contain medleys with all of the games' music.

Produced by Nobuyuki Ohnogi & Kazusuke Obi
Recorded at LDK Studio, ALFA Studio "A" 1986
Engineered by Yasuhiko Terada, Mitsuo Koike
Assistant: Yasutaka Honda
6 & 11 Arranged and played by Yoshihiro Kunimoto
  Strings by Matsubara group
Mixed by Yoshihiro Kunimoto & Yasuhiko Terada
Cover Designed by Toshinao Tsukui
Special Thanks to CAPCOM SOUND TEAM, Yasuhiro Ohhori

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