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Moment / Mina Kubota

モーメント / 窪田ミナ


Disc 1

01 Moment 6:07
02 Alchemist -featuring Connor Burrowes (vocal)- 6:23
03 Undine -featuring Kaori Hayato (vocal)- 5:56
04 Kokihanada 5:56
05 The World Around Us 5:53
06 Hallucination 3:52
07 My Little Chef -featuring Hirofumi Mizuno (accordion)- 5:05
08 Bon Appetit -featuring Nanae Mimura (vibraphone)- 3:00
09 Spirale 5:51
10 Twosome 2:42
11 Fragile 5:51
12 Echoing Silence 4:54
Disc length 61:30


Tr-03 is a new version of "Undine", the opening theme of ARIA The ANIMATION.
Tr-09 is a piano arrangement of "Spirale", the opening theme of ARIA The ORIGINATION.

Piano: Mina Kubota
Produced, arranged, and programmed by Mina Kubota

Tr-02 includes extracts from "Pie Jesu" (Fauré's Requiem)
Tr-03 words by Eri Kawai, Portuguese translation by Kaori Hayato
Tr-11 music by STING

Co-produced and programmed by TOMISIRO (Tr-01,02,03,05,06,07,11) / TOMISIRO are Yoske Kakegawa & Naoyuki Honzawa

Recorded by Naoto Shibuya, Peter Cobbin, Naoyuki Honzawa, Isamu Hanashima at Crescent Studio, Abbey Road Studios, Studio Tonmeister, Epicurus Studio
Mixed by Naoyuki Honzawa (Tr-01,02,03,05,06,07,11) at Zawa Studio, Cricket Studio
Mixed by Naoto Shibuya (Tr-04,08,09,10,12) at Crescente Studio, Cricket Studio
Mastered by Masao Nakazato at Onkio Haus

Conducted by Nick Ingman (Tr-01,05,11)
Strings section led by Gavyn Wright (Tr-01,05)
Wind quintet (Flute: Helen Keen / Oboe: Ian Hardwick / Clarinet: Nicholas Bucknall / Bassoon: Julie Andrews / French Horn: Richard Watkins) (Tr-05,11)

Strings section led by Yu Sugino (Tr-03)
Horn section (Flute: Takuo Yamamoto / Flugelhorn: Shiro Sasaki / Flugelhorn: Futoshi Kobayashi / Trombone: Yoichi Murata) (Tr-06)

Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Bandolim: Koichiro Tashiro (Tr-03,09)
Acoustic Guitar: Yoske Kakegawa (Tr-03,07)
Acoustic Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe (Tr-09)
Percussion: Yuuki Sugawara (Tr-03)
Percussion: Mari Kotake (Tr-05)
Percussion: Ikuo Kakehashi (Tr-09)

London session coordinated by Isobel Griffiths and Elle

A&R: Nobuyuki Oikawa (Victor Entertainment)
Executive Producer: Seigo Horiuchi (Victor Entertainment)
Artist Management: HORIPRO
Photographer: Naoto Ohkawa
Stylist: KOKA
Hair & Make-up: Masaki Tanimori (FEMME)
Designer: Kiyoshi Ishida
Art Director: kenji kikuchi (Victor Entertainment)

Special thanks
All the people who got involved with this album for their brilliant works, family and friends for contrast support over the years. THANK U!

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