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Final Fantasy III (meaning VI): Unbalanced and Ruined

Catalog Number OCRA-A102
Release Date Apr 01, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Remix
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranger / Climactic Chimera XLVI, DubVitamins, Fishy, Insert Whoopee, Bustah Wulf, Sitah Herowe, Godfrey Lai, Orgasmic Alliance, Metric Reggaeton, The Funk Orderlies, Some Two Dudes, Pip-eye, Peep-eye, Y&R, Mih D Bad, Melbert Blanque, Yuzostupid, cOnFuSeD, Breakbeat Triad, zircon
Performer / Sean Paul


Disc 1

01 The Hell Is a Sprach? (Opening Theme) 1:12
02 Edgar & Subwoofer (Edgar & Sabin) 2:06
03 ___ (Terra) 0:01
04 Whooping Kef (Kefka) 1:52
05 Rising Tackle (Phantom Train) 1:59
06 Ethnic Patches (Forever Rachel) 1:50
07 Supreme Power (Shadow) 2:17
08 Indecisive Tempo (The Decisive Battle) 2:06
09 Veldt Tells the Truth (Wild West) 2:12
10 That 70's Opera (Overture, Aria de Mezzo Carattere, The Wedding) 10:08
11 Double the Head (Coin Song) 1:38
12 Rag on Steroids (Spinach Rag) 1:17
13 Nadie Tema (Dark World) 1:12
14 Really F Bad (Johnny C Bad) 2:02
15 Rubber Band Laboratory (Devil's Lab) 2:05
16 Chocobo in the Street (Techno de Chocobo) 2:15
17 D.A.F.U.Q. (??) 2:15
18 Amen to That (Dancing Mad) 4:47
Disc length 43:14
Disc 2

01 Get Busy on the Veldt (Wild West, Umaro) 3:21
Disc length 3:21

  Total tracks 19   Total length 46:35


djpretzel, McVaffe, myself and the rest of the OCR staff are happy to announce the RELEASE of the FF6: Unbalanced & Ruined album! Everything has been worked out with our boys at the Squee, and we're really excited to finally share this with the community!

We're raised money to fund the physical production of the FF6 arrangement album Unbalanced & Ruined, directed by myself and McVaffe and featuring the talents of over 10 amazing OC ReMixers. The goal was to produce a superb-quality physical album containing every track from the album, gorgeous artwork, and a FIFTH disc (DVD) of bonus content. That's right: whereas the bonus DVD was previously a stretch goal, it was now included by default! However, we ran out of funding in the middle of production, and had to cut a lot material from the final release. DVDs are expensive. HOWEVER again, we'll used some of the funds raised to record studio musicians for various tracks, as well as professional mixing/mastering as required. Lastly, we covered royalties for each physical copy of the album. Everyone wins!

Despite delays in getting the new Kickstarter off the ground, the project was still on course for a Spring 2013 release, and is available as a free download to all. You'll also notice that the new video features MANY more previews from the project, which has been progressing really well since the first preview.

On behalf of the entire Unbalanced and Ruined team, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for your patience and support over the last few months.

If we could have gotten a liiiiittle bit more Kickstarter funding, we could have afforded lossless encoding. Sorry, brah. Maybe next time/ zircon

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