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Grand Scheme

Catalog Number 9BR-009
Release Date Mar 01, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Publisher9-bit Records / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Jamison Randall, ArtAttack
Arranger / Whitetail, Category5, Dashi, Simpl, Flexstyle
Performer / Jordan Wynne, Parvathi Gopinath
Lyricist / Jamison Randall


Disc 1

01 Show Me the Way (ft. Jordan Wynne) 4:59
02 Ears 5:01
03 Dark Energy (ft. ArtAttack) 4:42
04 Simple Problems 4:21
05 Neck Deep 5:13
06 Welcome to Reality 5:13
07 Fly Up to the Sun (ft. Parvathi Gopinath) 4:50
08 So Free 4:16
09 Grand Scheme 6:42
10 Show Me the Way (ft. Jordan Wynne) (Whitetail Remix) 4:43
11 Show Me the Way (ft. Jordan Wynne) (Category5 Remix) 6:22
12 Dark Energy (ft. ArtAttack) (Dashi Remix) 3:02
13 Dark Energy (ft. ArtAttack) (Simpl Remix) 4:44
14 Neck Deep (Flexstyle's Chilloniq Mix) 4:55
Disc length 69:03



Jamison Randall's first release on 9-bit Records, "Grand Scheme," is a variety EDM album with an underlying chiptune element that is guaranteed to effectively get any dance floor bumping hard. Featuring 45 minutes of completely original material as well as five remixes from other very respected artists, "Grand Scheme" starts off fun and energetic, and gradually becomes contemplative as the album progresses. That being said, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy within "Grand Scheme." So enjoy!!

Original songs written, produced and mastered by Jamison Randall.
Artwork designed by Drew Wheeler (halc).
Vocals on tracks 1, 10 & 11 performed by Jordan Wynne.
Vocals on track 7 performed by Parvathi Gopinath.
Track 3 co-written and produced by ArtAttack.
Track 10 remixed by Whitetail.
Track 11 remixed by Category5.
Track 12 remixed by Dashi.
Track 13 remixed by Simpl.
Track 14 remixed by Flexstyle.

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