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Pokémon the Movie 2000 The Power of One

Pokémon the Movie 2000 The Power of One: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Catalog Number 83370
Release Date Jul 18, 2000
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelAtlantic / /


Composer / Mervyn Warren, Mark Chait, Pam Sheyne, John Lissauer, Manny Corallo, John Loeffler, Ralph Shuckett, John Siegler, "Weird Al" Yankovic, John Petersen, Michael Haigney, Norman Grossfeld, Louis Cortelezzi
Arranger / David Foster, Nathan DiGesare, Ralph Shuckett, Nigel Rush, Pam Sheyne, Stephen Hussey, Neil Jason, Steve Mac, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dakari, John Katalenic
Performer / Donna Summer, Nathan DiGesare, Filipe Elgueta, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Alysha, Mishcke, Trenair Faulkner, Carmen Lampson, Dream Street, Rex Rideout, Steve Diamond, Robbie Nevil, Angela Vía, Nigel Rush, Bernd Schoenhardt, plus ONE, Jim Frazier, Phil Sillas, Laura Pausini, Alan Darby, Ben "Jammin'" Robbins, Westlife, Youngstown, Nobody's Angel, Jeff Golub, Neil Jason, Devotion 2 Music, Yvonne John Lewis, Steve Pearce, Chris Laws, Paul Gender, Steve Mac, "Weird Al" Yankovic, The B-52's, GoodandEvil, Sterling Campbell, Jamie Saft, Evil, O-Town, Rick Bailey, Bryon Chambers, Denise Laura, Tracy Ackerman, Steve Lewinson, John Themis, Yak Bondy
Lyricist / Mervyn Warren, Mark Chait, Matt Rowe, John Loeffler, John Siegler, "Weird Al" Yankovic, John Petersen, Michael Haigney, Norman Grossfeld, Louis Cortelezzi


Disc 1

01 The Power of One
02 Dreams
03 They Don't Understand
04 Wonderland
05 With All Your Heart
06 The Extra Mile
07 Flying Without Wings
08 Pokémon World
09 Blah, Blah, Blah
10 Polkamon
11 The Chosen One
12 One Heart
13 One
14 Comin' to the Rescue
15 Dance of the Bellossom
16 The Legend Comes to Life



Performed by: Donna Summer
Lyrics by: Mervyn Warren and Mark Chait
Composed by: Mervyn Warren, Mark Chait, Ralph Shuckett and John Loeffler
Arranged by: David Foster and Nathan DiGesare
Synth Programming: Nathan DiGesare
Additional Synth Programming: Filipe Elgueta
Acoustic Guitar: Dean Parks
Electric Guitar: Steve Lukather

Performed by: Alysha
Background Vocals: Alysha, Mishcke, Trenair Faulkner, Carmen Lampson

Performed by: Dream Street
Vocal Arrange: Berny Cosgrove, Kevin Clark, Steve Diamond. Robbie Nevil
Programming: Rex Rideout
Guitars: Steve Diamond
Additional Programming: Robbie Nevil

Performed by: Angela Vía
Lyrics: Matt Rowe
Composed by: Pam Sheyne
Arranged by: Nigel Rush & Pam Sheyne
Drums and Keyboard Programming: Nigel Rush
Guitars: Bernd Schoenhardt

Performed by: plus ONE
Guitar: Jim Frazier  
Additional Keyboards: Jim Frazier, Phil Sillas

Performed by: Laura Pausini
Backing Vocals: Laura Pausini, Pam Sheyne Strings Arranged: Stephen Hussey
Drums and Additional Keyboards: Nigel Rush
Guitar: Alan Darby
Keyboards and Programming: Ben "Jammin'" Robbins*

Performer by: Westlife

Performed by: Youngstown featuring Nobody's Angel
Composed and Lyrics by: John Loeffler, John Siegler
Arranged by: Neil Jason
All Instruments by: Neil Jason
except Guitar: Jeff Golub

Performerd by: Devotion 2 Music
Arranged by: Steve Mac
Background Vocals: Yvonne John Lewis
Bass Guitar: Steve Pearce
Drums: Chris Laws
Guitar: Paul Gender
Keyboards: Steve Mac

Performed by: "Weird Al" Yankovic
Composed, Arranged and lyrics by: "Weird Al" Yankovic

Performed by: The B-52's
Composed and lyrics by: John Loeffler, John Petersen, Michael Haigney, Norman Grossfeld
Programming: GoodandEvil, Sterling Campbell
Keyboards: Jamie Saft
Bass: Evil

Performed by: O-Town
Arranged by: Dakari
Strings Arranged by: John Katalenic
Guitar: Rick Bailey
Piano: Bryon Chambers

Performed by: Denise Laura
Lyrics by: Mat Rowe
Composed by: Pam Sheyne
Programming, Keyboards, Wah Pedal: Yak Bondy
Guitar: John Temis
Bass: Steve Lewinson
Background Vocals: Tracy Ackerman

Performed by: O-Town
Composed and lyrics by: John Loeffler, John Siegler, Louis Cortelezzi, Norman Grossfeld

Composed by: John Lissauer, Manny Corallo and John Loeffler

Composed by: Ralph Shuckett and John Loeffler
Orchestral Score arrange: Ralhp Schuckett

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