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Gintama the Movie: Shinyaku Benizakura Hen Original Soundtrack

「劇場版 銀魂 新訳紅桜篇」オリジナル・サウンドトラック
"Gekijouban Gintama Shinyaku Benizakura Hen" Original Soundtrack
Gintama the Movie: A New Retelling Benizakura Arc Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number SVWC-7687 [Extra Credits]
Barcode 4534530035974
Release Date May 12, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Aniplex / / (Label), Aniplex Inc. / / (Manufacturer), Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc. / / (Distributor)
Composed by Audio Highs
Arranged by Audio Highs, Masaru Yokoyama /
Performed by Konno Strings
Music Directed by Takahiro Ikeda /
Recorded by Atsushi Fujita / , Kiyoshi Okabe /
Recorded at Sound City, Miracle Bus Studio
Mixed by Atsushi Fujita / , Kiyoshi Okabe /
Mixed at Miracle Bus Studio
Mastered by Machiko Suzue /
Mastered at Sony Music Studios Tokyo

Disc 1

01 I offer these words to you 2:59
02 On a moonless night, Insects are drawn to the light ~Demon sword Benizakura~ 2:52
03 Yes, yes, This is the Yorozuya 1:45
04 Looking for something? 1:48
05 The butcher might appear so you'd better watch out 1:31
06 Where have I sniffed this scent before 1:48
07 If it's Zura I'm sure he's okay 1:31
08 Living organism, More like a monster 1:56
09 The only thing a samurai needs is a sword 2:09
10 Zuraaaa!! Where are you!? 1:31
11 You can't hear it can you, This voice 1:36
12 Swords are after all, A killer's weapon 1:14
13 What the helllll is that guy doingggg!? 2:23
14 Even I'm at that age where I don't wanna screw around so much 3:59
15 Aight, listeeeen!! You guyyys! 1:34
16 Our relation isn't anything so innocent 2:35
17 I will destroy absolutely everything!! 3:38
18 It's not a turd, It's a coiled dragon 1:57
19 Suite ~It's not Zura, It's Katsura!!~ 2:48
20 Bring it on! 1:38
21 Show him that weird haircut of yours and make him laugh!! 1:56
22 New Retelling: It's the stupidest samurai in the universe, You bastard!! 1:41
23 That's... Shiroyasha...!! 1:28
24 That repulsive light won't disappear... 2:24
25 That is the Benizakura's perfected form, The ultimate blade! 2:31
26 Other than the sword, I need nothing else. 1:00
27 Just how much power the things you call unneeded has... Burn this clearly into your eyes! 1:03
28 New Retelling: As you forge the metal, Forge your soul 2:36
29 When did our paths... Become so far apart... 2:44
30 I thought I told you... I simply destroy... This rotten world 0:48
31 Yorozuya Gin-chan comin' throooough!! 3:24
32 It's a bonus track, Bastards! 1:15
Disc length 66:02

Translated by reference


Music: Audio Highs

Strings: Konno Strings

Music Director: Takahiro Ikeda (Miracle bus)
Strings Arrange: Masaru Yokoyama

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Kiyoshi Okabe / Atsushi Fujita
Recording Studio: Sound City / Miracle bus Studio
Mixing Studio: Cobeya Studio / Miracle bus Studio

Musicians Coordinate: Yoji Sugiyama [杉山葉次] (Witchcraft)
Artist Management: Hideo Nakamichi [中道秀夫] (Miracle bus)

Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Mastering Engineer: Machiko Suzue

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