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ICommu!! -IDOL Communication- Character Song Album

あいこみゅ!! -IDOL Communication- キャラクターソングアルバム
Catalog Number LSRC-018
Barcode 4571312470325
Release Date May 31, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2625 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Labelluminouscore / /
Publishermarble sky records / /


Disc 1

01 go ahead! 4:30
02 Re-Start 5:01
03 feel the wind! 4:55
04 melody memory 5:13
05 光の行方 5:44
06 追憶ノヴァ 5:46
07 bright answer 5:38
08 月と太陽 6:18
09 my white landscape 4:57
10 go ahead! -霜月はるか version- 4:30
11 go ahead! -茶太 version- 4:30
12 go ahead! -片霧烈火 version- 4:29
13 go ahead! -霜月はるか short version- 1:46
14 go ahead! -茶太 short version- 1:46
15 go ahead! -片霧烈火 short version- 1:46
16 go ahead! -instrumental- 4:30
Disc length 71:19



01.go ahead! (Theme Song)
   Vocal:Haruka Shimotsuki+Chata+Rekka Katakiri Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:iyuna

02.Re-Start (ED for Fuuro Koiwai route)
   Vocal:Ayane Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:iyuna

03.feel the wind! (ED for Mizuki Ayugai route)
   Vocal:ayumi. Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Yukihiro Ibuki

04.melody memory (ED for Rio Omuro route)
   Vocal:nao Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:iyuna

05.Hikari no Yukue (ED for Satsuki Iki & Mei Iki route)
   Vocal:iyuna Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Tooru Hashizaki

06.Tsuioku Nova (Insert Song of Minto Mitsukuri route)
   Vocal:Ringo Aoba Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Yukihiro Ibuki

07.bright answer (Insert Song for Natsuka Misakura route)
   Vocal:Meu Koharu Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Tooru Hashizaki

08.Tsuki to Taiyou (Insert Song for Yuri Kurakake route)
   Vocal:Sora Yuizuki Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Yukihiro Ibuki white landscape (Insert Song for Takane Ezuriko route)
   Vocal:yuiko Lyrics:Urara Amagasaki Compose/Arrange:Tooru Hashizaki

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