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Turrican Original Video Game Soundtrack

Turrican Soundtrack (1993 re-release)
Catalog Number N/A (U.S. printing of KCD4)
Release Date Jan 29, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Remix
PublisherChris Huelsbeck Productions / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Chris Hülsbeck
Arranger / Chris Hülsbeck
Performer / Uwe Romak
Recording Engineer / Rudolf Stember
Mixing Engineer / Rudolf Stember


Disc 1

01 Opening 1:23
02 Prologue 1:58
03 Main Title 3:22
04 Techno Dungeon 4:52
05 The Desert Rocks 4:01
06 The Great Bath 3:00
07 Walker Factory 5:17
08 The Hero 3:37
09 Bionic Action 4:24
10 Air Combat 3:57
11 Climb to Survive 4:07
12 Transfer to the Battlefield 6:38
13 The Machine 1:27
14 Countdown 1:18
15 Freedom 3:49
16 Turrican Medley - Bonus-Mix 15:38
Disc length 68:48



This is a high resolution digital re-release of the 1993 "Turrican Soundtrack" CD, which contains a studio arranged selection of music from the Turrican series of games.

released 29 January 2013
© 1993 / 2012 Chris Huelsbeck Productions & synSONIQ Records
Turrican is a trademark of Factor 5 - Eggebrecht, Engel, Schmidt GbR ("Factor 5")

Notes from Parent Album:

After two years of anxious waiting, Commander Bren McGuire conquers video gamers' computers and consoles with his Turrican armor. Three new adventures will shortly be completed in the laboratories of Factor 5: on the Super Nintendo, Turrican stands against his arch-enemy "The Machine" for the first time. Mega Drive fans might already know him from the failed first version made by a foreign company, but only with Factor 5's "Mega Turrican" does the real hero make his appearance. On the Amiga, the long-awaited third installment of the Turrican legend finally appears - a perfect transfer of the Mega Drive game to the Amiga.

Naturally all music and sounds in these three games come from Chris Hülsbeck - with his soundtracks he, alongside Turrican creator Manfred Trenz, had a crucial share in the Turrican legend and decisively influenced these three games as well.

In light of the huge amount that Turrican has to offer musically, Chris decided to finally prepare a true Turrican CD. Not "just" a medley like that on his first CD, "Shades," but instead more than 60 minutes of pure Turrican without additives.

"I began in the first part of the CD with a combination of several Turrican intros - when possible, compositions from the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, and Amiga were seamlessly connected.

In the main section you will find a whole bunch of completely new arrangements of in-game music from all Turrican games. None of these pieces were available on my CDs until now, and the fans of the games kept asking for more Turrican material. Last but not least, a special treat awaits: with synthesizers and microphones, I have sent Turrican on one of his dangerous outer-space missions. Try to immerse yourself in the action with the help of the 3D surround-sound effect..."

Chris Hülsbeck



For Turrican's red-hot Super Nintendo debut, the music had to be coordinated precisely in time with the animations of the intro sequence. With the CD version more freedom was available.


The story of the everlasting struggle - even without a screen, television, or monitor, the pictures of a Turrican adventure shine through.

Main Title

Turrican lives - and on the Amiga too. This bombastic interpretation of the original T3 theme is proof.


Techno Dungeon

Turrican in the steel vault of terror. In searching for diamonds he finds secret compartments, fights with deadly piranhas, and runs into aggressive robots.

The Desert Rocks

The wind blows bitingly cold between the peaks of the bare mountains. Unshaken, Turrican overcomes bottomless gorges, climbs steep rock walls, and explores dark caves on his way.

The Great Bath

In the watery caves of the planet, Turrican races through endless shafts. Treacherous steel balls, flashing lasers, and poisonous spiders set out to destroy the hero's armor.

Walker Factory

Mercilessly pounding hammers, grating cylinders, and endless conveyor belts - a cold labyrinth of the future made of metal and synthetic material welcome you. The mechanical creatures attack - and are not programmed for honor.

The Hero

Victory! "The Machine" is defeated! The universe was saved from enslavement by the forces of evil. But how long will the peace last?!

Bionic Action

In the halls of the biogenetic experimental laboratories, monsters and mutants await unwanted visitors. Eerie liquids simmer dangerously in giant test tubes.

Air Combat

Nothing under Turrican for kilometers except an endless sea of gray fog - above him, the dreary, cloudy night sky. He swings with determination from glider to glider in search of an unknown goal.

Climb to Survive

Strange gas fills the atmosphere! Turrican senses that he will stand against his greatest foe. Only a miracle can save him now...


Transfer to the Battlefield

Commander Bren McGuire slips into his Turrican assault suit and prepares himself for the fight of his life. -All systems start- indeed.....

The Machine

Turrican and his arch-enemy confront each other face to face! Will Turrican's energy last - will the USS Freedom Forces succumb to the iron-handed conqueror...


The seconds run down relentlessly; only moments remain to save the world! Turrican activates every attack system in his suit....


Oppressed and overjoyed! Turrican was able to bring the daunting, superior power of his enemy to its knees, and he celebrates his greatest victory. The coalition of aggressors under the leadership of "The Machine" was destroyed, their bloodthirsty underlings scattered to the four winds. Once again, peace visits the people of the galaxy - and once again they hope for everlasting repose from the forces of evil.

Turrican Medley

At the request of many, and to complete this CD, the Turrican Medley from the Shades album was re-mixed with the most modern studio technology! The '94 Turrican mix in digital, bombastic sound!


Composed and Arranged by
Chris Hülsbeck
Recorded at A.U.D.I.O.S Studio FFM

Additional Mixing and Recording
Track 7, 8, 11, 16 at Sound Concepts
Studio Cologne by Rudolf Stember

Booklet Art by
Celal & Ogan Kandemiroglu

Layout by Philippe Eisfeld

Booklet Texts by
Chris Hülsbeck
Frank Matzke
Julian Eggebrecht

Guitar Track 10
by Uwe Romak

Special Thangs to Frank, Doug,
Dwayne, Renata for their support

Album Stats

Avg. rating

Rated 4.50 by 28 people
Contained in 2 collections
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Products represented
Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Super Turrican, Mega Turrican (Turrican 3)
Platforms represented
Commodore Amiga, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), SNES (Super Famicom)

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