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"Activity" Case:02 -Nightmare Counselor-

Catalog Number GCHM-0013
Release Date May 26, 2013Reitaisai 10
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 500 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherGET IN THE RING / /


Composer / ZUN
Arranger / GCHM
Performer / Mie / , Mai Kotohge / , supika, h.tatuki
Lyricist / Jell
Mixing Engineer / haLRu
Mastering Engineer / haLRu


Disc 1

01 Nightmare Counselor
02 Childhood Dreamer
03 Nightmare Counselor (Instrumental)
04 Childhood Dreamer(Instrumental)



Event Price: 400 JPY / Shop Price: 500 JPY

Original Musics: ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
Arranges: GCHM
Vocals: Mie, Mai Kotohge (MUON@Groove)
Lyrics: Jell
Guitar: supika
Bass: h.tatuki
Illustration: 仲谷 (リレバ)
Design: 柊椋 (I.S.W DESIGNING)
Mix & Mastering: haLRu (MONOMIND)
Web Design: ルオン
Special Thanx: @Groove (MUON@Groove)

Track origins (all songs from Yumetagae Kagaku Seiki):
1, 3. Dream of Arcadia
       Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (originally from Touhou Koumakyou)
       Voyage 1969 (originally from Touhou Eiyashou)
       Boys and Girls of a Science Era
       Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night (originally from Touhou Eiyashou)
       Night Falls ~ Evening Star (originally from Touhou Suimusou)
       Doll Judgment ~ A Girl Who Plays with Human's Shapes (originally from Touhou Youyoumu)
       Border between Dream and Reality
2, 4. Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures

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