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DRAGON BALL Z&Z2 Original soundtrack

ドラゴンボールZ & Z2 オリジナルサウンドトラック
DRAGONBALL Z & Z2 Original Soundtrack


Disc 1 (CD) [KDSD-00042] Original Soundtrack

01 Light a Fire in your Smoldering heart!! 1:35
02 Big Opportunity 5:19
03 Expectation 1:06
04 Like a Burning Wind 2:30
05 Running to Victory 4:06
06 Move Forward Fearlessly 2:04
07 Challengers 1:47
08 Breaking Free 2:15
09 Countdown to the Decisive Battle 1:30
10 It's Thrilling Time 2:22
11 Super Strength 2:40
12 BUDO ~Asian Spirit~ 1:44
13 FLaSH RuN aCRoSS THe UNiVeRSe 1:34
14 Spark of Fighting 1:47
15 A lot of 'Qi' 1:50
16 Breaking the Limit ~'Qi' No Limit~ 1:45
17 7th Sense ~Believe in the Supreme Power~ 1:37
18 Encounter 1:54
19 Warrior From an Unknown Land 1:43
20 The Battle with All my Force 4:12
21 Wild-Natured Spirit ~Wild Soul~ 2:30
22 Soul Vaccination 2:49
23 Only So Much Oil in the Ground 2:50
24 Soul With A Capital 'S' 2:34
25 I'm gonna Get Over ~The Other Side Of The Horizon~ 2:19
26 Do it at All Risks 2:24
27 Full of Tears ~In the Depths of Sadness~ 4:24
28 The Man Called 'C' 3:18
Disc length 68:28

Translated by reference


Sound Track Recording Credit

Music by Kenji Yamamoto (except TRK-22,23,24)
Written by Emilio Castillo and Stephen Kupka (Bob-A-Lew Music)
with newly arranged version by Kenji Yamamoto (TRK-22,23,24)

Los Angeles Session

Special Rhythm Section
    Steve Lukather <E.Guitars>
    Tadashi Namba <Hammond B3 & Synthesizers>
    Mike Porcaro <E.Bass>
    Simon Phillips <Drums>

Tower of Power Horn Section

    Emilio Castillo <Tenor Sax>
    Tom Politzer <Tenor Sax>
    Stephen Doc'Kupka <Baritone Sax>
    Mike Bogart <Trumpet & Trombone>
    Adolfo Acosta <Trumpet>

Strings Section (TRK-27,28)

    Contracted & Conducted by Suzie Katayama
    Violins   Bruce Dukov, Charlie Bisharat, Belinda Broughton,
              Joel Derouin, Armen Garabedian, Endre Granat, Sid Page,
              Mark Robertson, Miwako Watanabe, Ken Yerke
    Violas    Roland Kato, Brian Dembow
    Celli     Larry Corbett, Armen Ksajikian
    Bass      Nico Abondolo

Tokyo Session

Project DBZ Super Unit

    Kenji Yamamoto <Synthesizers, Computer programming, Recording>
    Nozomi Furukawa <E.Guitars>
    Jun Kajiwara <E.Guitars> (TRK-22,23,24,25)
    Tomohito Aoki <E.Bass> (TRK-22,23,24)

-Kusuburu heart ni Hi o Tsukero!! (Light the Fire in My Smoldering heart!!)-

Words by Yuriko Mori
Music & Synthesizers by Kenji Yamamoto
Lead Vocal by Hironobu Kageyama
Background Vocals by Kumi Sasaki, Yuka Muraishi

Album Stats

Contained in 21 collections
Contained in 2 wish lists
Platforms represented
Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2

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