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Leisure Suit LARRY: Reloaded

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 03, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 6.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherAustin Wintory / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Austin Wintory, Al Lowe
Performer / Late Night Jazz Orchestra (Javier Gonzalez, Mitchell Cooper, Brandyn Phillips, Connor McElwain, Erik Hughes, Jonah Levine, Alex Csillag, Paul Rivera, Ian Roller, Camille Ramirez, Stephen Spencer, Colin Kupka, Alex Nizzoli, David Shorr, John Urban, Brijesh Pandya), Sara Andon, Tom Strahle, Ross Garren, Paul Henning, Melora Hardin
Lyricist / Josh Mandel
Mixing Engineer / Austin Wintory
Mastering Engineer / Stephen Kempster
Conductor / Austin Wintory


Disc 1

01 Larry Reloaded 1:27
02 Channel Surfing 1:41
03 Juke 1: Lefty's 3:01
04 A Lady of the Night 2:24
05 Fire Escape Waltz 1:09
06 Larry's Town 1:47
07 Cruising the City of Lost Wages 0:54
08 High Rolling 1:14
09 Heart of the Fawn 2:23
10 Juke 2: Weddin' Ready 1:39
11 Prelude to the Evening of the Fawn 1:23
12 He's Alive!!! 0:18
13 Juke 3: Studio 69 2:23
14 An Unexpected Evening's End 1:13
15 Scents of Jasmine 1:56
16 Below the Stars, Above the Lights 1:32
17 Devout Faith 1:43
18 Tiers of Joy (ft. Melora Hardin) 1:58
19 The Penthouse 2:31
20 An Apple for Eve 2:09
21 Leisure Suit Larry (ft. Mojo) 2:05
Disc length 36:50



Composed, conducted and produced by Austin Wintory
Performed by the Late Night Jazz Orchestra
Features obsessive use of Al Lowe's original theme.

Alto sax solos by Ian Roller
Alto flute solos by Sara Andon
Guitar solos by Tom Strahle
Harmonica solos by Ross Garren
Violin solos by Paul Henning

Engineered and Mastered by Stephen Kempster
ProTools Recordist: Kevin Globerman
Assistant engineer: Milton Gutierrez
Music copyist: Steven Juliani
Music editor: Michael John Mollo
Mixed by Austin Wintory

Trumpet 1: Javier Gonzalez
Trumpet 2: Mitchell Cooper
Trumpet 3: Brandyn Phillips
Trumpet 4: Connor McElwain

Trombone 1: Erik Hughes
Trombone 2: Jonah Levine
Trombone 3: Alex Csillag
Trombone 4: Paul Rivera

Alto 1: Ian Roller
Alto 2: Camille Ramirez
Tenor: Stephen Spencer
Bari: Colin Kupka

Piano: Alex Nizzoli
Guitar: David Shorr
Bass: John Urban
Drums: Brijesh Pandya

"Tiers of Joy" vocals performed by Melora Hardin
Lyrics by Josh Mandel

Album art direction by Tom King

Special thanks to Al Lowe, Paul Trowe, Joe Parisi, Josh Mandel, Laura Intravia, Susie Seiter, Jessica Rotter, Sarah Kovacs, Richard Kraft, Laura Engel, Ray Costa, Amin & Claire, my wonderful wife Megan, and Maw/Paw/Sis.

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