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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 30, 2001C61
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 500 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Organizations Good Taste / / (Publisher)
Composer / Shinya Ishikawa / , Takahiro Yonemura / , Jun Maeda / , Naoya Shimokawa / , Shinji Orito / , Kazuya Takase / , Kazuhide Nakagami / , Magome Togoshi /
Arranger /


Disc 1

01 梓 -Heat Pressing Mix-
02 Little Stone -FS EDIT-
03 青空 -Take ZA wing Mix-
04 初音 -Summer Coast Style-
05 雪の少女 -Light Version-
06 沙織 -Brass TomTom Mix-
07 Powder Snow -Fall for snow Mix-
08 暮れゆく陽 -Piano-
09 bite on the bullet -a´la pause-cafe´-
10 ONE,Kanon,AIRメドレー 『TKO-テクニカルノックアウト-』
11 それは…現実 -Crossover Style-
12 ためいき -Turn Red Style-
13 Last regrets -Piano-
14 Farewell song -Pop composite Mix-
15 まだ癒えぬ痕 -SKY Digit Mix-
16 鳥の詩 -Piano-
17 追想 -Light snow Mix-
18 瑠璃子 -Music box-


M-1 from Kizuato
  compose: Shinya Ishikawa

M-2 from Magical Antique
  compose: Takahiro Yonemura

M-3 from AIR
  compose: Jun Maeda

M-4 from Kizuato
  compose: Naoya Shimokawa

M-5 from Kanon
  compose: Shinji Orito

M-6 from Shizuku
  compose: Shinya Ishikawa

M-7 from White Album
  compose: Naoya Shimokawa

M-8 from To Heart
  compose: Naoya Shimokawa

M-9 from Treating2U
  compose: Kazuya Takase

M-11 from Kizuato
  compose: Naoya Shimokawa

M-12 from Kizuato
  compose: Kazuhide Nakagami

M-13 from Kanon
  compose: Jun Maeda

M-14 from AIR
  compose: Magome Togoshi

M-15 from Kizuato
  compose: Kazuhide Nakagami

M-16 from AIR
  compose: Shinji Orito

M-17 from ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~
  compose: Shinji Orito

M-18 from Shizuku
  compose: Shinji Orito

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