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petal dance Original Piano Score

ペタル ダンス オリジナル ピアノ スコア
Catalog Number PIANO-1001
Barcode 4571424690017
Release Date Apr 20, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 3000 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherPIANO / /


Composer / Yoko Kanno /
Performer / Yoko Kanno / , Predawn, Egil Olsen
Lyricist / Predawn, Egil Olsen
Recording Engineer / zAk, Jan Erik Kongshaug
Mixing Engineer / zAk, Jan Erik Kongshaug
Mastering Engineer / zAk


Disc 1

01 lys 0:41
02 petal 1:20
03 trace 0:27
04 wilma 1:36
05 sayonaraba 1:31
06 then 0:35
07 re-trace 2:23
08 lulu (feat. Predawn) 2:56
09 dimini 1:32
10 norway 0:56
11 eine 3:33
12 northern light 2:37
13 crouka (feat. egil olsen) 3:54
Disc length 24:01



all music written by Yoko Kanno
all piano played by Yoko Kanno

on "lulu" collaborated with Predawn (by the courtesy of HIP LAND MUSIC CORPORATION INC.)
on "crouka" collaborated with egil olsen

produced by Keisuke "tommy" Tominaga (PIANO inc.)

recorded and mixed (except T08) by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow studio, Oslo
engineered (T08) and mastered by zAk at st-robo

production assistant: Yukiko Kiba (PIANO inc.)
transcripstion: MICHIRU (Face Music)

"note" by Hiroshi Ishikawa (director, screenplay)
photo: Toshio Watanabe (except P5), Hiroshi Ishikawa (P5)
illustration (P4): Haraki (Shioli Kutsuna)

designed by Shinya Ito

Special Thanks: Noriko Sekiya, Shinsaku Ohsaki, Onpa, Tetsuya Morita and Kensei

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