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Shin Megami Tensei Music Collection

Catalog Number N/A (U.S. printing of 320891-1)
Release Date Jul 16, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, Preorder/Early Purchase Bonus
Release Price 49.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack


Disc 1

01 prelude I 1:17
02 prelude II 1:05
03 prelude III 1:32
04 hallucination I 0:52
05 hallucination II 1:39
06 overture 1:49
07 sdds IV 3:16
08 reincarnation 9:37
Disc length 21:07



Included in the North American first print version of Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Notes from Parent Album:
Included with the "Sound & Art Collection" enclosed with first press edition of the game.

These tracks in this form are not present on the full soundtrack (LNCM-1043~6).

prelude I is based on Title from SMT1 by Tsukasa Masuko.
prelude II is based on Title from SMT II by Tsukasa Masuko.
prelude III is based on Title Loop 1 and Title Loop 2 from SMT III Nocturne by Shoji Meguro.
hallucination I is based on Law from SMT1 by Tsukasa Masuko.
hallucination II is based on Chaos from SMT1 by Tsukasa Masuko.
overture is based on Memory Recovery from SMT II, the chorus part is based on Law from SMT1, both by Tsukasa Masuko.
reincarnation is based on Mansion Of Heresy from SMT1, Mansion Of Heresy from SMT II, both by Tsukasa Masuko; Mansion Of Heresy ~Gleaming Sky~ from SMT III Nocturne by Kenichi Tsuchiya; and Neo Jakyou from Majin Tensei by Hidehito Aoki.

Live organ on M08 by Tomoyuki Asakawa

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Platforms represented
Nintendo 3DS



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