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NHK Special: Shirarezaru Daiei Hakubutsukan Original Soundtrack

NHKスペシャル 『知られざる大英博物館 -The British Museum-』 オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Catalog Number RBCP-2643
Release Date Jun 19, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsRambling Records


Disc 1

01 The Museum of Museums ~ Main Theme
02 Gallery to Seventh Heaven
03 A Pint of Time Essence
04 Upon Royal Crown
05 At The White Venus Garden
06 Shadowless Zone Time
07 From Ancient Traditional Letters
08 Time in Secret Pockets
09 An Unforgettable Page
10 Straight to Lost Age
11 Through Labyrinth Time
12 Pre-Time as Sequence
13 Deadly Sins and Confession
14 Invitation to Luna Waltz
15 War for War
16 Area Behind Karma
17 Draft of Untold Tale
18 Script of Untold Tale
19 First Lover’s Caress
20 Riding on Warping Storm
21 Signpost to an Epilogue
22 An Epilogue of the History
23 Glory Be to God
24 Fragment of an Epilogue
25 Main Gate of "M" ~ Opening Theme



Taro Iwashiro - Conducting, Ac. Piano, Keyboard, Additional Percussions
Tomoshige Yamamoto - String Sessions Leader
Ai Ichihara - Soprano
Toshiharu Nakanishi - E. Violin
Takashi Yasui - Tin Whistle
Tomoyuki Hirota - Oboe
Hiroshi Fukuzawa - Viola de Gamba
Hiroyuki Minami and Sumiharu Arima - Horns
Moe Kusumi - English Horn
Hide Fukasawa - MIDI Programing

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