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The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Official Video Game Score

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 09, 2012
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price Not for Sale (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack


Composer / Chance Thomas
Arranger / Chance Thomas
Performer / Utah Film Orchestra (Monty Bellknap, Wen Flatt, Chris McKellar, Nicole Pinnell, Ben Henderson, Larry Lowe, Joe Reardon, Bryan Hofheins, Jeanine Goeckeritz, Daron Bradford), Aaron Ashton, Michael Dowdle, Ryan Tilby, Lou Campbell


Disc 1

01 LOTRO Legacy 2:47
02 Theme For Rohan 3:25
03 Urgent Errands 3:05
04 Horse Lords of Norcrofts 2:54
05 Shadow of Argonath 3:08
06 Boromir's Last Stand 1:05
07 The √Čored 1:08
08 Heart of a Hero 2:23
09 Learning to Ride 3:03
10 Learning to Fight 3:02
11 The Entwash Vale 3:18
12 Orc Encounter 1:23
13 Corruption and High Treason 3:22
14 Horse Und Hererinc 1:25
15 Roaming Free 3:04
16 Calm Before the Storm 3:25
17 The Conflict Comes 1:06
18 Ecgbracu 1:07
19 Fangorn 1:33
20 Boromir Seeks the Ring 2:03
21 Struggle for the Ring 1:08
22 Fog of Wormtongue 2:10
Disc length 51:04



Music Composed, Orchestrated and Produced by Chance Thomas

Utah Film Orchestra:
Concert Master: Monty Bellknap
Principal 2nd Violin: Wen Flatt
Principal Viola: Chris McKellar
Principal Cello: Nicole Pinnell
Principal Bass: Ben Henderson
Principal Horn: Larry Lowe
Principal Trumpet: Joe Reardon
Principal Trombone: Bryan Hofheins
Principal Flute: Jeanine Goeckeritz
Principal Clarinet: Daron Bradford

Featured Soloists:
Fiddle & Hardanger: Aaron Ashton
Cello: Nicole Pinnell
Irish Whistle & Bass Recorder: Daron Bradford
Mandolin: Michael Dowdle
Baritone Guitar: Ryan Tilby
Bass Trombone: Lou Campbell

HUGEsound Music Team:
Music Preparation: Paul Taylor
Mixing Artist: Mike Roskelley
Contractor: Jenn Sprague
Conductor: Judd Meyer
Chief Engineer: Glen Neibaur
Overdub Engineer: Mike Greene
Second Engineer: Tanner Danielson

Turbine Entertainment Team:
VP of Development: Craig Alexander
Executive Producer: Kate Paiz
Director of Audio: Stephen DiGregorio
Audio Lead: Egan Budd
Audio Team Coordinator: John Gilbert
Lyrics Liaison: Chris Pierson
Director of Marketing: Ovi Vitas
Marketing Manager: Amber Loomis
Soundtrack Product Manager: Samantha Mangini
Marketing Coordinator: Ben Wiley
Community Manager: Rick Heaton

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