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Waveform 4

Catalog Number UBI069
Release Date Aug 02, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
PublisherUbiktune / /


Composer / Joshua Morse
Performer / Stacy Morse, Kyler Fullerton, Felix Lukas, Martin Sapir, Fam Mustin (Mustin, Tylr DeShae, Pogy Mustin, Bubba Mustin), Xavier LaRue, Aidan Pepper, Matt Hackett
Mastering Engineer / Andrew Richards


Disc 1

01 Turtle Dance 3 4:29
02 Fusion Factory 4:27
03 You Got Me 3:45
04 Galactic EQ Bands 3:58
05 It's Like Flying 4:22
Disc length 21:01



Waveform 4 is the fourth installment in a series of chipdiscs from music composer and producer Joshua Morse. Waveform 4 incorporates sounds from the Super Nintendo as well as FM Synthesis to form a blend of 5 original Jazz-Fusion arrangements.

Cover Art: Matt Hackett
Mastering: Andrew Richards

- Notes for Track 1 -

This is 3rd installment of Turtle Dance; hence "Turtle Dance 3". I went with a new-jack-swing-style approach with this one. On July 14th, I asked my followers on Facebook and Twitter if they wanted to be a part of Waveform 4 by means of sending me a recording of them saying "hey!". I received 8 responses that I used to create the "hey!" shouts you hear in Turtle Dance 3.

Hey! Shouts:
- Stacy Morse
- Kyler Fullerton
- Felix Lukas
- Martin Sapir
- Fam Mustin (Mustin, Tylr DeShae, Pogy Mustin, and Bubba Mustin)
- Xavier LaRue
- Aidan Pepper
- Matt Hackett

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