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Prism Panic Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 27, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2.00 CAD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherLiam Berry / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Liam Berry, Alec Holowka


Disc 1

01 Dark Divide (Intro) 3:14
02 Morning Sun (Forest) 2:56
03 Angeli Cadent (Caves) 2:48
04 Flux (Water) 2:39
05 Topless Towers (Mountains) 2:50
06 Duality (Title/Hell) 2:30
07 Boss 1:12
Disc length 18:09



Soundtrack by Liam Berry
Boss Song by Alec Holowka

- Track notes -

01. "Dark Divide (Intro)"

In the game, the various parts of the piece fade in as the player completes the intro level. However, the original draft had another half which was left out. This is the piece in its entirety.

02. "Morning Sun (Forest)"

Originally written as an attempt to songify a crappy poem I wrote, but later abandoned. I originally used it as a placeholder melody to experiment with different sounds for Prism Panic, but in the end I kept it as I felt it fit the tone of the game. What was going to be the new Forest song ended up being used for the Water level.

03. "Angeli Cadent (Caves)"

This is my favourite piece of the game. Ultimately inspired by/derivative of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, Mvmt. II, Allegretto. I was originally going to make it a full orchestral piece, but I found that it was unsustainable as such and reworked it to the present state.

06. "Duality (Title/Hell)"

This song was originally written a couple years ago for an earlier project of Noel and Connor's called Nisus, which never really went anywhere. The original song, which I've included in this album, is substantially different; this is more a new song with the same theme than the same song redone.

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