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Disc 1

01 Super Mario 64 - Can the Eel Come Out to Play? 4:24
02 Super Mario RPG - Peach's Fireplace Secret (Get a Freebie!) 4:08
03 Super Mario World - No Yoshis Allowed 3:33
04 Harvest Moon 64 - Disregard Farm, Acquire Fish 3:37
05 Golden Sun - The Grinding of Isaac 4:00
06 Mega Man & Bass - Moshua Jorse 4:04
07 Mega Man V - Bit Shifted 3:46
08 Mega Man 2 - Literally Metal Pirates 3:19
09 Mr Smilez Theme (Chip N Bass Remix) 3:55
10 Flexstyle - Chain Reaction (Zubats N Stuff Remix) 3:24
11 BigGiantCircles - Inverted Vertigo (Ben Briggs Remix) 3:11
12 Cowboy Bebop - Tank! (Bootleg Remix) 3:29
13 Super Meat Boy! - Spoiled R0TT3N 3:28
14 Bionic Commando - Albatros Pls 3:10
15 Zelda Link's Awakening - Climb My Mountain, This High 3:46
16 Sonic the Hedgehog - Bubble Junkie 3:32
Disc length 58:46


This album can be downloaded for free or by naming your own price.

THE BRIGGS EFFECT 2: The second entry in my series of diverse remix compilations. Most of these tracks were requested by fans and friends, or created for other projects. Covering a wide range of styles, I've gathered these songs here to more fully expand my official discography. Many of these tracks have not been available for download before today.

All tracks remixed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ben Briggs, except for track 10, mastered by Flexstyle.

Artwork by Kevin Villecco.

Credits (by track order)

Jolly Roger Bay, Dire Dire Docks / Koji Kondo (Super Mario 64)
Fight Against an Armed Boss / Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG)
Sub Castle BGM / Koji Kondo (Super Mario World)
Summer / Tsuyoshi Tanaka (Harvest Moon 64)
Isaac's Battle Theme / Motoi Sakuraba (Golden Sun)
Robot Museum / Naoshi Mizuta (Mega Man & Bass - SNES)
Metal Man, Venus' Stage / Takashi Tateishi, ??? (Mega Man 2, Mega Man V)
Metal Man, Pirate Island / Takashi Tateishi, Yoko Shimomura (Mega Man 2, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom)
Mr. Smilez Theme / Andrew Avitabile (The Mr. Smilez Show)
Chain Reaction / Flexstyle
Inverted Vertigo / Big Giant Circles (Pocket Mine)
Tank! / Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop)
Meat Spin / Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy!)
Albatros, Albatros Defeated / Junko Tamiya (Bionic Commando)
Tal Tal Heights / Kozue Ishikawa, Minako Hamano (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)
Labyrinth Zone / Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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