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Chris Hülsbeck's Sound Factory: Digital Audio Collection I

Catalog Number N/A (U.S. printing of HCD6)
Release Date Oct 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
PublisherChris Huelsbeck Productions / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Chris Hülsbeck, Gunnar Kreuziger, Jürgen Frosch, Michael Bruder
Arranger / Chris Hülsbeck, Ramiro Vaca, Gunnar Kreuziger, Jürgen Frosch, Michael Bruder
Performer / Dany Wehrmann, Mark Muschelknautz, Stephanie Turner
Lyricist / Chris Hülsbeck, Mark Muschelknautz, Dany Wehrmann
Programmer / Sebastian Miles, Steffen Müller


Disc 1

01 Intro 1:15
02 Shades '95 4:08
03 The Wave 5:04
04 Super Turrican II Credits 4:06
05 Jim Power I 3:03
06 Jim Power II 3:18
07 Easy Life (Trance Mix) 4:03
08 Are You Ready 4:28
09 Dreamland 3:56
10 Believe in Love 3:51
11 Join the Dream 4:21
12 Even Higher 3:40
13 C.H. Megamix 7:25
14 Apidya Credits 3:53
Disc length 56:31



The 5th album by Chris Huelsbeck, released in 1995 features another selection of game music as well as his dance music ambitions at the time. It also had a CD Rom Section with an easy to use tracker program + samples for fans to create their own music; as well as all of his Amiga TFMX modules. The data is still available as part of this digital release, but the software does not run in modern Windows, since it was made for mid-90s MS-Dos machines. However, in a DOS Emulator it may still run, but we can't provide any support - use at your own risk! Also, the TFMX modules may be played using a WinAmp plugin or other compatible player software. The booklet is also included as a PDF scan.

- Album notes

Note: Track 01, "CD-Rom Track Placeholder", is just a placeholder for the CD-ROM part commented in the notes, and as such, it has been removed from the tracklist.

Notes from Parent Album:
All tracks composed and arranged by Chris Hülsbeck except - Tracks 6 and 7: composed by Chris Hülsbeck, arranged by Ramiro Vaca; Track 10: Voice by Dany Wehrmann; Track 11: Lyrics by Chris Hülsbeck, Mark Muschelknautz and Dany Wehrmann, Vocals by Mark Muschelknautz and Stephanie Turner; Track 12: composed and arranged by Gunnar Kreuziger; Track 13: composed and arranged by Jürgen Frosch and Michael Bruder.

Executive Producer: Chris Hülsbeck
Co-Producers: Christian Schülke & Jens Hainbuch
Programming: Sebastian Miles, Steffen Müller
Hardware Support: Vision Media Engineering GmbH
Graphic Design: Markus Fritzinger
Cover Artwork: Ramiro Vaca

Recorded at Ongame Soundfactory Studios, FFM, Germany, 1995.

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Commodore Amiga, SNES (Super Famicom)

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