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halc's NOSTALGIA canon: a video game music tribute

Nostalgia Canon
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 19, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
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Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
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Disc 1

01 The Never Ending Legend (Zelda: OoT & LttP) 4:09
02 Satch Man feat. WillRock (Mega Man 10) 3:26
03 Explode in Peace (Bomberman 64) 4:18
04 Choose Your Name Wisely (EarthBound) 2:24
05 Flower Power (Yoshi's Island) 3:21
06 Worst Case Scenario Future (Sonic CD) 4:31
07 Oversaturated (Kaleidoscope) 3:13
08 Nostalgic Memories (Dark Cloud) 4:11
09 Stranded (Super Adventure Island II) 4:33
Disc length 34:06



Nostalgia Canon is a collection of nine[bit] video game music arrangements, spotlighting five brand new, never-before-heard tracks alongside a handful of competition entires, fan requests, and otherwise previously unreleased remixes of such beloved series' as The Legend of Zelda, Bomberman, Yoshi's Island, Dark Cloud and more.

This album is a labor of love for the composers, songs and sounds that inspired me to become a composer myself, and the nostalgic melodies that bond us as a VGM loving community and create an outlet for us to inspire creativity in one another and channel our beloved childhood memories into the purest form.

Special thanks to:

Dave, Larry and all of the OC ReMix staff & community for being my springboard, so to speak; without the rigorous but encouraging quality expectations of the panel and the endearing support and feedback from fellow listeners, fans and remixers, I would not be the halc that stands before you today.

My wonderful wife Emily, who's love and support for my passion is beyond description.

My good friends Benjamin Briggs, Bryan Herkless and Will Harby, for always willing to lend an ear and just being cool dudes in general.

And of course, to all of you fans, followers, et. cetera; for being so openly supportive and vocal over the last few years. This album is my gift to you.~


Composed, arranged and produced by Drew "halc" Wheeler.

Synth solo in track 3 composed by William "WillRock" Harby.

Artwork format, design and typography by Drew Wheeler.

Songs arranged:
"Title Theme" by Koji Kondo.
"Opening Demo" by Koji Kondo.
"Saria's Song" by Koji Kondo.
"Song of Storms" by Koji Kondo.
"King of Blades" by Akari Kaida.
"Mr. X Stage" by Yuko Takehara.
"Blue Resort" by Akifumi Tada.
"Your Name, Please" by Hip Tanaka.
"Yoshi's Island" by Koji Kondo.
"Collision Chaos" by Masafumi Ogata.
"Underground Zone" by Naofumi Hataya, Masafumi Ogata.
"Old Oddities" by Mattias Häggström Gerdt.
"Brownboo" by Tomohito Nishiura.
"Hiya-Hiya Island" by Akihiro Akamatsu, Sachiko Oita, Shinji Nakaya.

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