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Catalog Number 9BR-025
Release Date Oct 19, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Publisher9-bit Records / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / halc, Tuberz McGee
Performer / Tuberz McGee


Disc 1

01 The Beginning of a Beautiful and Highly Sexual Relationship 5:04
02 Saber-Tooth 4:05
03 Cupcakes in Space 4:27
04 Giraffes Don't Take Kindly to Landmines 5:34
05 Esoterica 3:52
06 Fighting Famicom 3:55
07 It's Kinda Like Jazz? 5:46
08 Squidzilla 6:24
09 Psychedelic Panda Pounding 4:25
10 Menagerie 4:16
Disc length 47:48



WARNING: This album may or may not contain any of the following; overly cautious giraffes, oversized kittens, pandas puking rainbows, gelatinous lawyers, angry electronics, radioactive cupcakes, lots of pulse waves, and a dude singing.

Tracks 1-4, 7-10 written and produced by Drew Wheeler (halc) and Callum Kennedy (Tuberz McGee).
Track 5 written and produced by Tuberz McGee.
Track 6 written and produced by halc.
Vocals on Track 8 by Tuberz McGee.

Pixel artwork by João Victor G. Costa.

All songs composed using the freeware Famitracker and the VRC6 expansion chip.

- Track notes -

01. The Beginning of a Beautiful and Highly Sexual Relationship

  Exactly what it says on the box. Tuberz and halc pronounce and communicate their love for each other in a musical interpretation. We would have included the interpretive dance but it was shocking and had a high possibility of inducing cancer.

02. Saber-Tooth

  Tuberz brought the Saber and halc brought the Tooth.
  Of course there's nothing saying that it was a singular tooth.
  He could have brought several teeth.
  Wouldn't that be lovely? If only it was Saber-Teeth.
  Those would come in handy.

03. Cupcakes in Space

  The first track attempted for this release. It sounded awful (or something) and then halc worked his magic. <3 What a bro.

04. Giraffes Don't Take Kindly to Landmines

  Seriously. These guys just want to eat leaves and stuff man.
  Like... landmines just kill the mood y'know? Peace.

05. Esoterica

  Solo VRC6 Chiptune by Tuberz McGee.
  Try anchoring that beat on your first listen. ;) Tuberz doesn't mess around when it comes to metrically uncomfortable phrases.

06. Fighting Famicom

  Solo VRC6 chiptune by halc. Coincidentally, also halc's first NES-based solo chiptune composition ever. Prior to this he had only truly known the beauty of the Game Boy soundchip. Famicom had a bone to pick.

07. It's Kinda Like Jazz?

  I dunno, it sorta is.
  You can definitely feel a feel that feels feely, and that's sorta like jazz.
  Nonetheless. It's kinda like a cool excuse to chip solo.

08. Squidzilla

  Tuberz offers his vocals to sing of the woes of a Giant Lawyer Squid and its eventual attack on Tokyo brought forth by years of antagonising and general lack of understanding towards his love of romantic novels.

   Now, if only he had fingers.
   Or we spoke Japanese.

09. Psychedelic Panda Pounding

  Nothin' to see here. Just some Pandas enjoyin' a good time with some good friends. There are hardly any narcotics involved at all really. Seriously officer I swear, they're not mine. I'm just holding them for a mate.
  The pounding thing? That's just for alliteration's sake.

10. Menagerie

  The title track of the album.
  In other words, we couldn't come up with another witty title so we opted for the 'self titled' approach. Business is business.
  You'll also probably see the pattern of 'oh he's run out of patterns i guess this is where the solo starts'.


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