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Best of Hyde209 Vol 3.

Hyde209 Vol 3.
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 24, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Remix
PublisherHyde209 / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1

01 Hostile Spacecraft 4:40
02 Abandoned Below 4:24
03 The Tragic Prince 5:02
04 Bamboo Meadow 3:42
05 Moon Punk 3:03
06 Surrounded by Mystery 4:53
07 Gau of the Veldt 5:09
08 End of the Bacterion Empire 4:05
09 Facing the Truth 5:07
10 Feathers Full of Storm 3:12
11 Down the Sewer 4:46
12 Lair of the Kraid 3:52
13 Streets of Horror 4:30
14 Solitary Ninja 4:11
15 Wrath of the Evil Foot 3:49
16 Oil Ocean 4:15
17 Mario Map Medley 4:30
18 Trouble in the Caves 3:26
19 Dance of the Brimstone Imp 3:18
20 Valley of the Silver Star 5:13
Disc length 85:07



Like with my previous Best of Hyde209 albums, Vol 3 is a compilation of 20 remixed video game tracks that were first released back in 2012. Since then they've been remastered and polished to sound better. Vol 1 & 2 were great hits with VGM fans all across the world and it's my sincere hope that Vol 3 will be too.



1. Hostile Spacecraft (Arrow Flash)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Arrow Flash
  Composer(s): Hanauri Musume

  Hyde209 notes: I used to play this game all the time as a kid. Both the intro and the game itself really got my imagination running wild on the story behind it all. Plus it had some great 80s sounding music. I've wanted to remix this tune for a very long time now. I've even tried to arrange it before, but with little success. It feels great to finally upload this classic SEGA 16-bit tune.

2. Abandoned Below (CastleVania SotN)

  Source(s): Abandoned Pit
  Game(s): Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  Composer(s): Michiru Yamane

  Hyde209 notes: Almost every time I sit by a piano I play this tune for a while. I love the mysterious feeling and the 6/4 time signature. With this remix I wanted a playful style with lots of reverb and neat little details in the soundscape. I hope you like my take on this sombre, but awesome tune.

3. The Tragic Prince (CastleVania SotN)

  Source(s): The Tragic Prince
  Game(s): Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  Composer(s): Michiru Yamane

  Hyde209 notes: I made this arranged version of this tune at the request of a CastleVania fan page on Facebook called: Castlevania: Dawn of Rhapsody. My friend CastlevaniaDoR contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing some more CV music. Beeing such a huge CastrleVania fan I had to do it of course. The main thing I did with this tune was to slow it down. I wanted it nice and heavy plus it had to be playable. I'm not that much for too speedy music. Been there and done that so to speak.

4. Bamboo Meadow (Demon Sword)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Demon Sword
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: This remix was requested by Cupcom5. I played this game some time when I was a kid, but until I got this reqest I had totally forgot about it. It was fun to make another asian sounding remix and since I like the Tenchu series soo much I whent for that kind of sound in this remix.

5. Moon Punk (DuckTales)

  Source(s): The Moon
  Game(s): DuckTales
  Composer(s): Hiroshige Tonomura

  Hyde209 notes: I always knew I had to remix this tune sooner or later. When I decided to remix it I tought it would be nice to make it a straight forward punk rock version. Sure I used a bit of synth, but that was to get the right space vibe.

6. Surrounded by Mystery (Escape Goat)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Escape Goat
  Composer(s): Ian Stocker

  Hyde209 notes: I've been playing this super awesome 2D retro game that I downloaded from Xbox Live. It has one of the best soundtracks that I've heard in a long time. It reminds me of Castlevania, old Amiga games and there's something truly mystical about the sound of it.

7. Gau of the Veldt (Final Fantasy VI)

  Source(s): Gau
  Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
  Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu

  Hyde209 notes: I've wanted to make a remix with the rhythm in focus for a long time now. Since I like the Final Fantasy music soo much I thought this tune would be kinda groovie to remix. It was fun and I really got into the right vibe during the recording.

8. End of the Bacterion Empire (Gradius 2)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): ???
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: Powershade117 requested another Gradius remix. This tune was only a short loop to begin with and I got exited by the thought of making it into a full length song. For my latest remixes I*ve used more or less a straight forward rock type of sound. With this remix I wanted to use a lof of synth and digital sounds for a change. Still real drums, guitars and bass guitar though.

9. Facing the Truth (Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening)

  Source(s): Face Shrine
  Game(s): The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  Composer(s): Minako Hamano

  Hyde209 notes: I started working on this remix a while back but left it because I didn't quite figure out a way to remix it. However, the tune is soo mysterious and awsome I had to complete the task. The idea with th video is simply "faces". Since the tune is played in the Face Temple I though it would be kinda cool to have a lof of expressive masks mysteriously flying towards the screen in a hypnotic way.

10. Feathers Full of Storm (Mega Man X)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Mega Man X
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: This Remix was requested by Powershade117. I haven't played the MMX series all that much, but I do rembember that I loved the music. With this remix I took the opportunity to practice playing bass. It sure was fun, but I'm still pretty green at bass playing. It helps to be a drummer though.

11. Down the Sewer (Mega Turrican)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Mega Turrican
  Composer(s): Chris Hülsbeck

  Hyde209 notes: I've wanted to do a remix of this tune for over a year now, I've thought about how to remix it, maybe a bit too much and so I did this the way I do most of my remixes. By intuition and mostly I stayed true to the original structure and arrangment. It's a hard but good game with awesome music. I've played the Amiga version for most part, but the SEGA version is a good port of the original.

12. Lair of the Kraid (Metroid Zero Mission)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Metroid: Zero Mission
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: I did this remix back in 2012 and thought I could use it in connection with my Super Metroid album somehow. I'm still very proud of that album, but it didn't quite generate the attention I had hoped for. I guess this is because there are so many great albums based on Super Metroid already.

13. Streets of Horror (Nightmare Creatures)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Nightmare Creatures
  Composer(s): Frédéric Motte

  Hyde209 notes: I wanted to record a spceial remix just in time for Halloween so I dug though a lot of horror classics to finally arrive with this PS1 game. After I did the Mega Man 3 album with mostly synthetic sounds I wanted to record calssic rock instruemts again. I also got to use one of my all time favorite instruments: Church organ.

14. Solitary Ninja (Shinobi 3)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: This remix was requested by AlexxShadenk777. Since I'm such a huge fan of SEGA and the Shinobi series I couldn't stay way from this request. I had a blast recording the drums on this remix, in fact my neighbour did complain at one time when I did the dubble pedal stuff :-P I also got another sweet opportunity to rock some organ.

15. Wrath of the Evil Foot (Snake Rattle & Roll)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Snake Rattle 'n' Roll
  Composer(s): David Wise

  Hyde209 notes: After I did the Mega Man 3 album I felt a strange urge to remix something dark and heavy. That's why I chose to remix one of the darkest, most dissonant NES themes to my knowledge. Snake Rattle & Roll had a pretty upbeat soundtrack exept for this theme which really had a totally different mood than the rest of the soundtrack.

16. Oil Ocean (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

  Source(s): Oil Ocean Zone
  Game(s): Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
  Composer(s): Masato Nakamura

  Hyde209 notes: I've played this song for some time now with my VGM band Killed by Koopa so with this remix I tried to strive for a different vibe. I used a lot of my KORG kaossilator sound. It was a lot of fun.

17. Mario Map Medley (Super Mario Bros 3)

  Source(s): World 1 Map, World 2 Map, World 3 Map, World 4 Map, World 5 Map, World 5 Sky Map, World 6 Map, World 7 Map, World 8 Map
  Game(s): Super Mario Bros. 3
  Composer(s): Koji Kondo

  Hyde209 notes: Before my 100th remix upload I decided to do another medley. Super Mario Bros 3 is indeed one of the best platform games ever so I thought it was time. I've thought about doing a medley on the map themes from SMB3 for some time now and I'm pleased to say I really like how it all truned out.

18. Trouble in the Caves (Super Mario World)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Super Mario World
  Composer(s): Koji Kondo

  Hyde209 notes: I usually make my remixes intuitively but with this tune I recorded it more like a jam session. I diden't plan ahead too much and I didn't recorad so many takes on each instrument. I wanted it to feel playful and spontaneous. I've played a lot of bass guitar of late and so this tune sprung to my mind as a good tune for some bass improvisation. It was also a good opportunity to play some parts on my bamboo flute.

19. Dance of the Brimstone Imp (Tetris)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Tetris
  Composer(s): ???

  Hyde209 notes: While I wait for permission to release my Eternal Champions tribute album I decided to make something just for fun. I really like the version of Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy heard in the NES version of Tetris. The Arrangment is a bit different than the original and it has a nice groove. After I had played along a couple of times on dums and on bass I arranged this heavy version. I animated the Brimstone Imp in MS Paint just to give it a comical touch to go with this not so serious take on Tchaikovsky.

20. Valley of the Silver Star (Alisia Dragoon)

  Source(s): ???
  Game(s): Alisia Dragoon
  Composer(s): Mecano Associates

  Hyde209 notes: I've worked hard with this my 100th stand alone music remix. I chose one of those games that have followed me since my early gaming years. A classic 2D platformer for SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. To spice my video up a bit and pay homage to the game I remade the intro sequence and did a screenshot in hi-res. Since this game is pretty obscure I have no hopes for a remake. However, with this video I can still dream.

Notes extracted from Hyde209 YouTube channel.

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