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welcome to the real world

Catalog Number UBI073
Release Date Dec 19, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3.00 GBP
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
Published by Ubiktune / /
Composed by WillRock
Arranged by Phonetic Hero
Performed by Jeff Luke
Lyrics by WillRock

Disc 1

01 Igneous 4:20
02 Atop the World (feat. Jeff Luke) 4:54
03 Crystalline Seashores 3:49
04 Game Over. Continue? 4:14
05 Oceanfront 3:22
06 Welcome to the Real World 5:16
07 Shoot 'em Down! 3:41
08 A Wonderful Thing 2:53
09 Sympathetic Ear 3:48
10 Firebrand 5:53
11 New High Score (Shoot 'em Down SNES Remix) 4:08
Disc length 46:18

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Rated 4.00 by 1 person
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Welcome to the Real World is a big fat 80's inspired nostalgia trip. Think of a combination of Vince DiCola, Journey, all those awesome video games you grew up with as a kid, and FM, because FM is the bomb.

Reason and Ableton were used in the creation of this album.

Artwork: Katie Kinkel

Track 2 Vocals: Jeff Luke
Track 11: Pete "Phonetic Hero" Lepley
Everything Else: William "WillRock" Harby

NOTE: "New High Score" is only present on the Bandcamp release.

- Track notes -

1. Igneous

  This track had the distinction of being written during a writers block. As a result, it took me a good few months to finish it. I thought its gradually building up nature made it a good track to start the album on.

2. Atop the World (feat. Jeff Luke)

  This track dates back about 6-7 years to my time in college. Fast forward to about 6 months ago and I look into finding a suitable vocalist for the track. Jeff Luke really did a fantastic job!

3. Crystalline Seashores

  This is another oldie, going back about 2 years to the time I did 9-bit blitzkrieg (you can download it for FREE on there, altho the production isn't quite as good :P) At the time I viewed it as my best original track. Michael Jackson meets Mega man. wooo.

4. Game Over. Continue?

  I came up with this one after watching a video of Eric Johnson just mucking around with these fantastic clean guitar chords. I wanted to try and capture that unique progression to his music and make it CHIPPY. Ended up with one of my favorite melodies.

5. Oceanfront

  You might have noticed from the sound design and style that this is a bit of a homage to Owl City. Particularly his "Ocean Eyes" era. This track takes less risks than some of my other tracks, but sometimes, predictable is great too.

6. Welcome to the Real World

  Ah the title track. Also the most ANNOYING track. Getting the production was a nightmare. The Vince DiCola influence shines through here, and I was experimenting with all sorts of weird chords scales and key changes. Also, Tim Follin deserves a nod with helping inspire this track as well :D

7. Shoot 'em Down!

  This was originally written with a genesis/megadrive soundfont using solely those sounds. Then I decided i'd give it a shot at updating it for the album. Usually updates don't go down so smooth, but this one just fit into the style of the album like a glove.

8. A Wonderful Thing

  I was inspired to write this track after listening to the chord and lead writing for Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen" The solo was an attempt to recreate those awesome harmonised solos of Brian May. Needless to say, I failed, the man is far FAR too good :P

9. Sympathetic Ear

  This was a track that I wrote for a commercial project, which for whatever reasons they decided not to use. However, I couldn't let it slide into obscurity. It was originally meant to be a Boss Character Theme, which is why this is so menacing.

10. Firebrand

  That writers block I mention in other tracks... well, when I came out of it, I went musically INSANE. Just started throwing out a crapload of millions and millions of ideas that I never assumed i'd ever come up with. Quite a few tracks "A Wonderful Thing", "Oceanfront" came out of it, but this is the one where I expelled all that "energy that had been building up over the last 6 months. As a result, this is amusingly self indulgent, with about a million ideas crammed into it. I figured save the best for last, but those who prefer their music simple probably won't like this one so much :P