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The Archives of Wyndia: Into the Cloudline Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 20, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Leila / / (Publisher), Bandcamp / / (Retailer)
Composed by Leila R. Wilson
Arranged by
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 Title 1:31
02 Newtown 5:40
03 Chapter Starts 0:15
04 Tawtus - A Tower of Knowledge 4:11
05 Fallen Yelm - A Tower of Our Ancestors 5:26
06 A Wonky Conversation 1:14
07 Fawtus - A Tower of Combat 4:35
08 Chapter Ends - Let's Try Again 0:15
09 Makertown - A Tower of Craftsmen 3:55
10 Indartsua - The Tower of Our Rulers 3:37
11 Plantus - A Tower of Agriculture 3:47
12 A Happy Conversation 1:58
13 Plummet Caverns - Where History Hides 4:09
14 A Stressful Conversation 1:22
15 Chapter Ends - Onward 0:15
16 Open Sky - All Possible Futures 6:15
Disc length 48:25


Artwork: Curtis Bathurst
Music: Leila R. Wilson

- Track notes -

01. Title

  This is the title screen theme. It's actually an arrangement of the final track, Open Sky - All Possible Futures.

02. Newtown

  This was the second song I composed for Wyndia. It was fun to make the sounds of a bustling city with all the percussion, and the little trills. The song was actually built around the rhythm, which came first.

03. Chapter Starts

  The beginning of any tale should always feel like being on the cusp of something grand!

04. Tawtus - A Tower of Knowledge

  For Tawtus, I went for a very sleek, educated feel. To me, this means jazz elements, as well as strings. This song has both in spades.

  If you listen closely, you will notice an arpeggio from Plummet Caverns, because the two are thematically related.

05. Fallen Yelm - A Tower of Our Ancestors

  This was one of my favorites to work on out of the entire soundtrack. I went for some slight middle-eastern influence. Like with Newtown, this song was built around the rhythm. By the end, the track gets pretty heavy.

06. A Wonky Conversation

  I had some real fun with this one. I tried to replicate the feeling one gets when someone says something completely off-the-wall in a conversation, and continues on with it.

  "Did he really just say that?!"
  Yes, yes he did, and he's still going.

07. Fawtus - A Tower of Combat

  For Fawtus, I wanted to go for a hopeful, honorable and brave feeling. The drum rolls helped a lot with that, although surprisingly, it was the strings track that came first this time!

08. Chapter Ends - Let's Try Again

  Sometimes, everything doesn't work out, and you have to start over at square one. We've all been there.

09. Makertown - A Tower of Craftsmen

  Makertown was one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack, although it took more than a few tries to get it just right. Like many of the other songs, this one was built entirely around the rhythm, which is almost entirely constructed of random sound effects. I felt a very rhythm-oriented song would be perfect for a place like Makertown, and from there, progressed to bass. The melody came last, but tied the whole song up nicely.

10. Indartsua - The Tower of Our Rulers

  This song was very tough to get just right, because of the emotions associated with the place it represents. I went for a regal, pensive feeling, ultimately.

11. Plantus - A Tower of Agriculture

  This was actually the very first song I composed for Wyndia, and that was on the night I got the materials to work on the soundtrack (Newtown was also composed that same night). I wanted to write something dreamy and carefree, and something far, far outside of my usual style. This song was actually built off the chords, before anything else. The melody and rhythm came last. I took some cues from pop music for this one!

12. A Happy Conversation

  This was one of the last songs I wrote for this soundtrack. Like with Plantus, I wanted to go for a carefree, dreamy feeling. Like a wistful afternoon spent with friends.

13. Plummet Caverns - Where History Hides

  For Plummet Caverns, I used a style closer to my comfort zone than many of the other tracks (save Fallen Yelm.) It lends itself to mysterious, dark sounds, after all. Like Fallen Yelm, it carries a heavy rhythm.

  If you listen closely, you'll notice an arpeggio also present in Tawtus, because the two are thematically linked.

14. A Stressful Conversation

  This was the final track I composed for this soundtrack, and it vastly differs from the rest of the soundtrack both in theme and arrangement, due to the fact that this song has to do with characters being in direct peril, and I wanted it to stand out.

15. Chapter Ends - Onward

  This is what it feels like when one arrives home from a long, long day, having accomplished something wonderful!

16. Open Sky - All Possible Futures

  I actually composed part of this tune when I was younger (the part in question begins the track,) however, I wrote the rest while scoring Wyndia. The theme is very long, and takes roughly a minute to build up to its main hook. I wanted to build up to a feeling of uncontrollable hopefulness, wonder and freedom.

  Unlike other tracks, this song was built around an electric piano track, which was all played in one take with no breaks, once I'd figured out the chords. After a short breakdown, I brought all the elements back together for the second playthrough of the song, to keep the feeling of wonder alive.

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