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HAMATORA Original Soundtracks "Soup With Columbus's Egg" [Limited Edition]

Catalog Number AVCA-74289~90
Barcode 4988064742899
Release Date Apr 23, 2014
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 3240 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelDIVE II / /
Manufactureravex pictures Inc. / /
Distributoravex pictures Inc. / /



Disc 1 [AVCA-74289]

01 ジャックとベティの部屋の隣り~ハマトラのテーマ~ 3:08
02 The Streets of Gold City 3:32
03 Now Here Cafe Nowhere 4:42
04 Our Strange Days 3:14
05 ハマでお茶でも… 2:26
06 ハマの小魔神 2:26
07 トラ・トラ・トラ・ウマ・ヒツジ 4:54
08 Second Life In Second Line 2:33
09 名画座のヒロイン 3:44
10 A Walk At Night With You 4:38
11 Suspicious Past 2:54
12 Driving Me Crazy 3:10
13 Speed Maniac 2:58
14 Confront The Enemy 2:52
15 笑いながら逃げろ 2:18
16 Something Fierce 3:06
17 Electric Muscle 2:38
18 時の面影 3:27
19 黄昏に君想う 3:43
20 FLAT (TV size edit.) 1:30
21 Hikari (TV size edit.) 1:30
Disc length 65:23
Disc 2 [AVCA-74290]

01 Nowhere Living Now 3:44
02 Hikari (Unplugged) 1:58
03 Nowhere Living Now (Instrumental) 3:44
04 Hikari (Unplugged) (Instrumental) 1:55
Disc length 11:21

  Total tracks 25   Total length 1:16:44


[Disc 1]
Musician & Staff
Produced by Makoto Yoshimori
All songs composed and arranged by Makoto Yoshimori (except M20, 21)

Recorded and mixed by Shigeki Nakamura
Mastered by Scott Hull

Music performed by
Makoto Yoshimori: Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer, etc.
Satoshi Izumi: Guitars
Hirohiko Ohtubo: Contrabass (M1,4,5,8,14,18,19)
Shigeki Ippon: Contrabass, E.bass (M3,6,7,13,16,17)
Yasuhiko "HACHI" Sato: Contrabass (M10)
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: Drums (M1,2,4,5,8,10,14,18,19), Percussion
GRACE: Drums (M3,6,7,13,16,17)
IZUPON: Percussion
Youhei Takada: Percussion
Nobuo Yagi: Harmonica
Kogoro Tatsumi: Trumpet, Electric trumpet
Takatoshi Iwahori: Trombone, Electric trombone
Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi: Tenor sax, Soprano sax
Koichiro Muroya: Violin, Viola
Michi Kuzuoka: Voice
Sachiko Watabe: Voice

M-20 - Opening Theme
Performer: Yuuki Ozaki
Composer: kz
Arranger: kz
Lyricist: kz

M-21 - Ending Theme
Performer: Wataru Hatano
Composer: Takao Nagatani
Arranger: Yosuke Yamashita
Lyricist: Takao Nagatani

[Disc 2]
M-01 - Episode 12 Insert Song
Performer: Torao (CV: Kisho Taniyama)
Composer: Shuhei Naruse
Arranger: Shuhei Naruse
Lyricist: AnDisM

Guitar: Mitsuhiro Ayano
Bass: Ju-ken
Programming: Shuhei Naruse
Recorded & Mixed engineer: Teruaki Ise (A·K·A studio)

M-02 - Episode 7 Insert Song
Performer: Wataru Hatano
Composer: Takao Nagatani
Arranger: Yosuke Yamashita
Lyricist: Takao Nagatani

Sound Produced by Yosuke Yamashita
Produced & Directed by Nobuhito Ikehata

All Keyboards, Programming & Background Vocal: Yosuke Yamashita
A.Guitar & Solo: Kensuke Akiyama

Mix Engineer: Yasuaki "V" Shindo at V-Shin Studio
Recording Engineer: Yosuke Yamashita at y.y502 Studio
Vocal Recording Engineer: Kunio Nishikawara at Avex Studio B
Vocal Recording Assistant Engineer: Kohei Nakatake at Avex Studio B

This album was originally scheduled to be released on March 26, 2014.

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