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Advent Rising - Music from the Video Game

Catalog Number SE-2019-2
Release Date Jun 28, 2005
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Sumthing Else Music Works / /
Composed by Tommy Tallarico, Michael Richard Plowman, Emmanuel Fratianni, Laurie Robinson, Charlotte Martin
Arranged by Tommy Tallarico, Michael Richard Plowman, Charlotte McMillan, Todd Dennis, Emmanuel Fratianni, Christopher Nickel, Jay-J
Performed by Hollywood Studio Symphony, LA East Studio Choir, International Children's Choir, Charlotte Martin, Belinda Broughton, Jordan Glasgow


Disc 1

01 Muse 3:08
02 Poeta 3:36
03 Bounty Hunter 3:05
04 Aurelia 3:03
05 Greater Lights 3:52
06 Glorious Human 1:46
07 Stolen Transport 2:15
08 Canyon Encounter 2:04
09 The Rise of Aurelia 2:01
10 Edumeas Last Stand 2:04
11 Aurelian Conflict 2:04
12 The Aurelian Movement 2:21
13 Luriam Down 1:04
14 The Human Movement 2:09
15 Human Demise 1:35
16 Seeker Assault 2:05
17 Midst of the N'Kul 0:34
18 Seeker Horde 1:04
19 Fiery Arrival on Aurelia 0:55
20 Power Within 2:11
21 Fortified Strength 1:01
22 Mastery of Self 2:20
23 Return to Humanity 2:16
24 The Seeker Movement 2:09
25 Seeker Unrest 2:05
26 Conquest 0:36
27 Greater Lights (Jay-J's Shifted Up Mix) 3:58
Disc length 57:21


Also released on iTunes for $9.99.

Score Composed & Arranged by: Tommy Tallarico & Michael Richard Plowman

Orchestration: Christopher Nickel
Additional Music & Orchestration:
Emmanuel Fratianni &
Laurie Robinson
Additional Arrangements:
Charlotte McMillan & Todd Dennis

Score Recorded at Paramount
Studios Scoring Stage M
- Hollywood, CA by the
Hollywood Studio Symphony

Conducted by: Mark Watters
Concert Master:
Belinda Broughton

Score Recording and Mixing:
Armin Steiner
2nd Engineer & Music Editor:
Christine Sirois
Score Mixed at O'Henry Sound
Studios - Burbank, CA
Additional Mixing: Perry Blackman
Soundtrack Mastering Engineer:
Patricia Sullivan
Mastered at: Bernie Grundman
Mastering - Hollywood, CA

Orchestra Contractor: Ross DeRoche
Score Supervisor: Audrey DeRoche

Choral Contractor: Dona Kay Flint
Adult Choir: LA East Studio Choir
Children's Choir: International Children's Choir
Choir Recorded at LA East Studio - Salt Lake City, UT
Choral Recording & Engineer: Glen Neibaur
Choral 2nd Engineer & Music Editor: Ryan Boud
Choral Conductors: Judd Maher & Laurie Robinson

"Greater Lights"
Written by
Tommy Tallario
& Charlotte Martin
Piano & Vocals
Performed by
Charlotte Martin
Strings Arranged by
Tommy Tallarico
& Emmanuel Fratianni
Recorded by
Dweezil Zappa at UMRK
(Utility Muffin
Research Kitchen)
Assistant Recording Engineer
Richard Landers

Charlotte Martin Appears
Courtesy of the RCA Records Label

"Greater Lights"
(Jay-J's Shifted Up Mix)
Written by
Tommy Tallario
& Charlotte Martin
Vocals Performed by
Charlotte Martin
Additional Production and
Remix by Jay-J
Keyboards by Jordan Glasgow
Additional Engineering by
Casey Nefcy for Counterw8 Studios
Mixed by Jay-J
Recorded at Shifted Studios
- San Francisco, CA

Executive Producers:
Tommy Tallarico
& Nile Rodgers
Soundtrack Producers:
Leslie Lewis
& Christine Castle
Soundtrack Art Design:
D. Christopher Salmon

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Rated 4.27 by 15 people
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Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox, PC

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