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FINAL FANTASY MEDLEY - Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho

Catalog Number POP-0001
Release Date Aug 15, 2003C64
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Unknown
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by Harukaze no Namikimichi
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranged by


Disc 1

01 1st Session 42:02
02 2nd Session 22:48
Disc length 64:50


Within each track are separate movements.  A breakdown of these movements is below.


First Movement: A Peaceful Street
第1楽章 平和な街角
  Cornelia Castle [FF1]
  Town [FF2] (Hometown of Ur [FF3], Village of the Ancients [FF3])

Second Movement: Following The Wind
第2楽章 風の啓示
  Eternal Wind [FF3] (Main Theme [FF1], Four Hearts [FF5], Ship [FF1], Sailing the Enterprise [FF3])
  Spreading Vast Wings [FF5]

Third Movement: Ancient wisdom
第3楽章 受け継がれしもの
  Matoya's Cave [FF1]
  The Ancient Library [FF5]

Fourth Movement: An Evil Ambition
第4楽章 開かれた闇の扉
  Chaos's Temple [FF1]
  Fight 1 [FF4] (Battle Scene 1 [FF2], Battle 1 [FF3], Battle 1 [FF5], Battle Theme [FF6])
  Those Who Fight [FF7]

Fifth Movement: A small person's big dicision
第5楽章 決意
  Rebel Army Theme [FF2]
  Main Theme [FF2]
  The Boundless Ocean [FF3] (Elia, the Maiden of Water)

Sixth Movement: An angel's tear
第6楽章 運命の天使たち
  Tina [FF6]
  Celes [FF6]
  Aerith's Theme [FF7] (Lenna's Theme [FF4])

Seventh Movement: From That Day
第7楽章 ゆくえ
  A New World [FF5]
  Forever Rachel [FF6]
  Searching Friends [FF6]
  You're Not Alone [FF9] (The Hidden Village of Fargabaad [FF3])

Eighth Movement: A fighter's Courage
第8楽章 ひとつの希望
  Warriors of Dawn [FF5]
  Edgar&Mash [FF6]
  Lock [FF6]

Ninth Movement: Sailing The Sapphire
第9楽章 風の海を駆ける
  The Huge Battleship Invincible [FF3]
  Hilda Garde, the Airship [FF9]
  Eternal Wind [FF3]

Tenth Movement: Total Eclipses
第10楽章 混沌と世界の狭間で
  Fight 2 [FF4]
  Crystal Tower [FF3] (The Forbidden Land Eureka [FF3])
  Underwater Temple [FF1] (Castle Pandemonium [FF2])
  The Dark Crystals [FF3] (Within the Giant [FF4])

Eleventh Movement: The Moments
第11楽章 最後の闘い
  The Final Battle [FF3]
  The Final Battle [FF4]
  The Final Battle [FF5]

Twelfth Movement: Melodies Of Life
第12楽章 瞳に輝くメロディーを
  Ending Theme [FF3]
  Melodies Of Life [FF9]
  Eyes on Me [FF8]

Final Movement: Eternal Fantasy
最終楽章 風の辿り着く場所
  The Breeze [FF3]
  Ending Theme [FF3]
  Final Fantasy



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