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Need for Speed Original Motion Picture Score

Catalog Number 302 067 272 8
Barcode 030206727289
Release Date Apr 15, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 16.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelVarèse Sarabande / /
ManufacturerVarèse Sarabande Records, LLC / /
DistributorUniversal Music Distribution / /


Composer / Nathan Furst
Arranger / Penka Kouneva, Larry Rench, Jeremy Borum
Performer / The Angel City Studio Orchestra (Peter Kent, Clayton Haslop, Sharon Jackson, Julie Rogers, Kevin Connelly, Vladimir Polimatidi, Marina Manukian, Erika Walczak, Larry Greenfield, Alwyn Wright, John Wittenberg, Susan Chatman, Anna Kostyuchek, Judy Yoo, Becky Bunnell, Amy Wickman, Ivelina Kofler, Norm Hughes, Sam Fischer, Robert Shumitzsky, Jennifer Walton, Yihuan Zhao, Alissa Park, Kirstin Fife, Francine Walsh, Amy Hershberger, Grace Oh, Tina Chang Qu, Songa Lee, Ken Yerke, Pamela Goldsmith, Scott Hosfeld, Adriana Zoppo, Luke Maurer, Laura Pearson, Matt Nabours, Jessica Van Velzen, Roland Kato, Karrie Prescott, Brianna Bandy, Carol Buckman, Ilona Geller, Andrew Shulman, Tim Loo, John Walz, Tim Landauer, Erika Duke Kirkpatrick, Stefanie Fife, Kevan Torfeh, Trevor Handy, Maurice Grants, Vanessa Freebairn Smith, Paula Hochhalter, Victor Lawrence, Mike Valerio, Jeff Bandy, Ian Walker, Tim Eckert, Ed Meares, Drew Dembowski, Geoff Osika, David Parmeter, Jim Thatcher, Steve Becknell, Mark Adams, Dan Kelley, John Mason, Dylan Hart, Joe Meyer, Steve Durnin, Stephanie Stetson, Jenny Kim, Teag Reaves, Malcolm McNab, Dave Washburn, Chris Tedesco, Bill Booth, Mike Hoffman, Phil Keen, George Thatcher, Doug Tornquist, Gary Hickman, Jim Self), Ayana Haviv, Beth Weisenburger, George Doering, Nathan Furst, MB Gordy, Chad Mitchell
Recording Engineer / Mark Curry
Mixing Engineer / Mark Curry
Mastering Engineer / Patricia Sullivan
Mastering Studio / Bernie Grundman Mastering
Conductor / Tim Davies, Suzie Seiter


Disc 1

01 Marshall Motors 2:28
02 Lighthouse 1:24
03 Mt Kisco 4:46
04 Mustang Offer 1:43
05 Identical Ageras 2:02
06 Koenigsegg Race 2:04
07 Pete’s Death 3:58
08 Right Seater 2:07
09 You Always Go Back 3:41
10 Motor City Mayhem 2:08
11 Grasshopper 1:41
12 Hot Fuel 5:12
13 Crazy Little Tart 5:16
14 Switching Seats 1:53
15 Utah Escape 3:53
16 California Crossing 3:39
17 Broken 6:25
18 De Leon Begins 7:09
19 Lethal Force 4:24
20 In The Lead 4:32
Disc length 70:25



Original score to the Need for Speed live-action movie.

Music Composed by Nathan Furst

Produced by Nathan Furst
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Music Editor: Matt Shelton
Score Performed by The Angel City Studio Orchestra
Vocals: Ayana Haviv, Beth Weisenburger
Guitars: George Doering, Nathan Furst
Percussionists: MB Gordy, Chad Mitchell, Nathan Furst
Musician Contractor: Chris Tedesco
Conducted by Tim Davies, Suzie Seiter
Lead Orchestrator: Penka Kouneva
Orchestrators: Larry Rench, Jeremy Borum
Music Preparation: Than Tran, Tina Tamura
Copyist: Junko Tamura
Recorded & Mixed by Mark Curry
Score Recordist: Greg Hayes
Pro Tools Operator: Vincent Cirilli
Score Coordinator: Gary Wasserman
Score Technical Assistant: Erick De Vore
Diva Synth Programmer: Matt Bowlder
Assistant To Mr. Furst: Cheyenne Summers
Recorded at Sony Pictures Studios Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA and The Village, Santa Monica, CA
Mixed at Technicolor Sound, Hollywood, CA and Friarworks Studios, Woodland Hills, CA
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering


Peter Kent (concertmaster)
Clayton Haslop (principal 2nd)
Sharon Jackson
Julie Rogers
Kevin Connelly
Vladimir Polimatidi
Marina Manukian
Erika Walczak
Larry Greenfield
Alwyn Wright
John Wittenberg
Susan Chatman
Anna Kostyuchek
Judy Yoo
Becky Bunnell
Amy Wickman
Ivelina Kofler
Norm Hughes
Sam Fischer
Robert Shumitzsky
Jennifer Walton
Yihuan Zhao
Alissa Park
Kirstin Fife
Francine Walsh
Amy Hershberger
Grace Oh
Tina Chang Qu
Songa Lee
Ken Yerke

Pamela Goldsmith (principal)
Scott Hosfeld
Adriana Zoppo
Luke Maurer
Laura Pearson
Matt Nabours
Jessica Van Velzen
Roland Kato
Karrie Prescott
Brianna Bandy
Carol Buckman
Ilona Geller

Andrew Shulman (principal)
Tim Loo
John Walz
Tim Landauer
Erika Duke Kirkpatrick
Stefanie Fife
Kevan Torfeh
Trevor Handy
Maurice Grants
Vanessa Freebairn Smith
Paula Hochhalter
Victor Lawrence

Mike Valerio (principal)
Jeff Bandy
Ian Walker
Tim Eckert
Ed Meares
Drew Dembowski
Geoff Osika
David Parmeter

French Horns:
Jim Thatcher
Steve Becknell
Mark Adams
Dan Kelley
John Mason
Dylan Hart
Joe Meyer
Steve Durnin
Stephanie Stetson
Jenny Kim
Teag Reaves

Malcolm McNab (principal)
Dave Washburn
Chris Tedesco

Bill Booth (principal)
Mike Hoffman
Phil Keen
George Thatcher (bass trombone)

Doug Tornquist
Gary Hickman

Jim Self

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