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Can of Nothing: Project Flash 2 (Preliminary Demo Ver.)

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 03, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie, Enclosure
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Published by Can of Nothing
Composed by Can of Nothing
Arranged by Can of Nothing, Shirojyuu, Charles Ritz
Performed by Can of Nothing, Joshua Taipale, Sonicspeedway


Disc 1

01 Dreams and Nightmares - Theme of Project Flash 2 0:34
02 Whale of a Time - Progression of Sunburst Shores 4:55
03 Diver from Bedlam - Confrontation in Sunburst Shores 2:57
04 Band Pass - Progression of Rail Retreat 5:50
05 The Loco Motive - Controntation in Rail Retreat 3:26
06 Hanging onto a String - Progression of Arduous Alley 4:14
07 Radiant Raylet - Confrontation in Arduous Alley 3:49
08 Reconciled by the Waters - Progression of Lapis Lake 5:01
09 Solace of Solitude - Confrontation in Lapis Lake 2:47
10 Ascent to Madness - Progression of Vindicant Valley 4:00
11 Electric Frenzy - Confrontation in Vindicant Valley 2:58
12 Prelude to Nightmare - Progression of Stratos Station 6:10
13 Forgone Conclusion - The Final Confrontation 5:06
Disc length 51:47

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Sequel to the first Project Flash, and a new adventure more complex than before!
Being my second endeavor into a soundtrack-esque production, my skills improved considerably; my decision for this album was to visualize it as a constantly-moving story, with the music following the plot and its atmosphere. Regardless, though, I tried to keep a similar melodic style; fans of Sonic, Mario, Kirby and Pokemon, for instance, may like this again!

Like in the previous album, by purchasing these tracks, you don't get the rights to use the tracks commercially. For non-commercial cases, I would prefer you to use it with permission, too - assuming I actually approve of your usage, that is.

This album is a preliminary release - A second revision of the album is under production, and anyone who pays will receive a free download for it.

Everything (apart from the tracks mentioned below) composed and arranged by Can of Nothing
Rail Retreat partially arranged and mixed by Alec Day (Shirojyuu)
Foregone Conclusion and The Loco Motive arranged and mixed by Charles Ritz
Arrangement advice and assistance from Alec Day (Shirojyuu), Sean Evans (LoneEchidna), Victor Volkman (BaluvXaluv) and Super Spindash
Instrumentational assistance from Jerry Alexander II (sonicspeedway), Joshua Taipale
Art by Can of Nothing, Coral Striker and Shirojyuu
Naming assistance by Wolfblur, Charles Ritz, Tyquann Mars (TheChaosBlue) and Waribro
Special thanks to James Landino (KgZ), Falk K M Au Yeong, Pejman Roozbeh (Funk Fiction), Jordan Lange, Sly4Good, Joshua Minor (SplashNetwork), $adiq Wade, Nicolas Quiles, Solvo, Marvin Valentin, Zach Hinchy, Karros, Tudd (mrsonic699), Christopher Hoef (Mesmerist), Marlon Popuchet (Urban Flow), Freen in Green and Jeffrey McDonell (VizardJeffhog)

And very special thanks to you for listening!