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BLACK BULLET Original Soundtrack

ブラック・ブレット オリジナルサウンドトラック



Disc 1

01 Tokyo 2021 3:29
02 Investigation 2:42
03 Crisis Point 4:27
04 Lament of the Cursed 1:38
05 Project Neo Sapiens 3:07
06 Bridge of the Heavens 3:26
07 Tendo Civil Securities 1:50
08 Tokyo Kickin' Back 3:33
09 Assassin's Pulse 2:03
10 Monolith -the impregnable- 3:21
11 Model Trickster 136 3:03
12 Melinconia 2:46
13 Partners in Crime 2:25
14 Lotus and the Girl 2:40
15 Drone 2:38
16 Aldebaran 3:17
17 The Abyss 1:48
18 Rains of Sorrow 4:32
19 Monolith -the threat- 3:20
20 In from the Dark 1:44
21 Her Sovereignty 2:07
22 Making Peace 2:58
23 Monolith -disintegration- 3:07
24 dream alterna 1:52
25 and then... 3:22
Disc length 71:15



Composed, Arranged and Produced by Shiro SAGISU

Warsaw National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Concertmaster: Ewa Marczyk
Conductor: Masamichi Amano
Arrangers: Masamichi Amano, Teho and Shiro SAGISU

Recorded by Andrzej Sasin and Aleksandra Nagórko at Warsaw National Philharmonic Hall (Warsaw)

Our Special Choir
Soprano: Catherine Bott, Alto: Deborah Miles-Johnson, Tenor: Andrew Busher, Bass: Michael George
Choir organized by Stephen Henderson and Catherine Bott

L'orchestre Renaissance et Baroque depuis 2012
Instrumentalist: Yuko Mizorogi and Steve Homes

Arrangers: CHOKKAKU, Masamichi Amano and Shiro SAGISU
All synthesizer and rhythm programming: CHOKKAKU and Shiro SAGISU

Keyboards and Piano: Nicholas St-Victor Brown and Shiro SAGISU
Guitars and bass: CHOKKAKU and Steve Homes
Saxophones: Junnosuke Fujita
Solo violin: Daisuke Kadowaki
Flute ad-lib solos: Osamu Koike

Assistant producers: Yuiko Mukaino and Yukiko Tanimoto (Ro-JAM)

Recorded by Rupert Coulson, Jonathan Allen, Phillip Bagenal and Shiro SAGISU
Recorded at Eastcote, Air, Abbeyroad (London), Beethoven (Paris) and Ro-JAM downstairs (Tokyo)
Mixed by Masahiro Kawaguchi and Shiro SAGISU
Mixed at Beethoven (Paris) and Ro-JAM downstairs (Tokyo)

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan Fourstar at Bernie Grundman Mastering (Hollywood)

Marking by Motohiro Tsuji at form THE MASTER (Tokyo)
Produced by Jun Nishimura and Mitsutoshi Ogura (NBCUniversal)

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