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Child of Light / Cœur de pirate

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 29, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.00 CAD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsDare To Care Records


Composer / Béatrice Martin
Arranger / Béatrice Martin, Renaud Bastien, Anthony Rozankovic, Grégoire Morency, Camil Bélisle
Performer / Béatrice Martin, Renaud Bastien, Emmanuel Ethier, Chloé Dominguez, Jocelyne Roy, The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, Le Coeur de la Lumière
Lyricist / Béatrice Martin
Recording Engineer / Martin Roller
Conductor / David Hernando Rico


Disc 1

01 Pilgrims on a Long Journey 3:31
02 Aurora's Theme 3:28
03 Magna's Heart 2:35
04 Jupiter's Lightning 2:07
05 Final Breath 2:04
06 Patches of Sky 3:18
07 Dark Creatures 2:05
08 Little Girl, Gen 2:48
09 Bolmus Populi 1:29
10 Leave Your Castle 3:51
11 Metal Gleamed in the Twilight 4:35
12 Funeral Dirge 0:46
13 Down to a Dusty Plain 2:56
14 Woods Darker than Night 2:12
15 Path of the Eclipse 2:23
16 Hymn of Light 4:38
17 Victory 0:38
18 Off to Sleep 4:25
Disc length 49:49



Music composed by Béatrice Martin
"Off to Sleep" lyrics by Béatrice Martin

Non-orchestral music

Produced and arranged by Béatrice Martin and Renaud Bastien

Recorded and mixed by Pascal Shefteshy at Studio Pierre Marchand, Montréal

Performed by:
Béatrice Martin - piano, organ, voice
Renaud Bastien - guitar, bass, organ, keyboards, piano, glockenspiel, percussion
Emmanuel Ethier - violin
Chloé Dominguez - violoncello
Jocelyne Roy - flute

Orchestral music

Arrangements done by Anthony Rozankovic
Orchestrated by Grégoire Morency, Anthony Rozankovic and Camil Bélisle
Mixed by Richard Bélanger, assisted by Sebastien Perry at Studio Planète, Montréal
Produced by Simon Landry and Grégoire Morency

Performed by:
The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by David Hernando Rico
Recorded by Martin Roller at Studio 1 of the Slovak Radio, Bratislava

Piano played by Béatrice Martin and recorded by Pascal Shefteshy at Studio Pierre Marchand, Montréal

Choir: Le Coeur de la Lumière, recorded by Richard Bélanger at Studio Planète, Montréal

Music supervisor: Simon Landry
Executive producers: Eli Bissonnette and Jeanne Joly
Mastering of "Off to Sleep" by Marc Theriault at Le Lab Mastering, Montreal

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Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, PC, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4

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