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Catalog Number SREX-0018
Release Date May 09, 2014
Publish Format Commercial, Retailer Bonus
Release Price 3780 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Remix
Phonographic CopyrightNAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. / /
Exclusive RetailerSuperSweep co., ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 Nonstop Audio / Nitrous Groove 68:33
Disc length 68:33



Available as a bonus item with purchases of SRNS-2001 from SuperSweep's web store.

DJ Mixed by Atsushi Ohara

Track breakdown:

01 ENTRANCE (music by Hiroshi Okubo) / Ridge Racer (PlayStation®Vita)
02 SLIDING BEAT (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by Ryo Watanabe, remixed by Ryo Watanabe) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
03 Sueno Del Mar (music by Asuka Sakai) / Ridge Racer 6
04 Find Your Way (music by Hiroshi Okubo) / Ridge Racer 6
05 VIRTUOSO (music by Sanodg) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
06 Phantasize (music by Ryo Watanabe) / Ridge Racer 3D
07 Radiance (music by Sanodg) / Ridge Racer 6
08 Photon Field (music by Koji Nakagawa) / Ridge Racer 6
09 PLANET (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by Taku Inoue, remixed by Taku Inoue, Vocal: Aimee Blackschleger) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
10 Disco Ball (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by Hiroshi Okubo, remixed by Hiroshi Okubo) / RIDGE RACERS
11 SUPER ACCELERATION (music by Kyoko Miyakura) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
12 I Want You (music by SamplingMasters AYA) / Ridge Racer 6
13 NOx Warheads (music by SamplingMasters AYA) / Ridge Racer 3D
14 Volcano Vehicle (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by Tetsukazu Nakanishi, remixed by Tetsukazu Nakanishi) / RAGE RACER
15 Quiet Curves (J99 Remix) (music by Asuka Sakai + Hiroshi Okubo, remixed by J99) / R4 -RIDGE RACER TYPE 4-
16 DIGITAL HORIZON (music by Rio Hamamoto) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
17 Drive U 2 dancing (AJURIKA Remix) (music by AYA, remixed by AJURIKA) / RIDGE RACER 2
18 EUPHORIA (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by AYA, remixed by SamplingMasters AYA) / RAVE RACER
19 THE TIME IS NOW (music by SamplingMasters MEGA) / RIDGE RACER (PlayStation®Vita)
20 Ultra Cruise (music by Tetsukazu Nakanishi) / Ridge Racer 6
21 Move Me (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by Kohta Takahashi, remixed by Kohta "SOLIDSTATE" Takahashi) / R4 -RIDGE RACER TYPE 4-
22 Call of Apsara (music by SamplingMasters AYA) / Ridge Racer 3D
23 Psychokinesis (music by SamplingMasters MEGA) / Ridge Racer 3D
24 Grip (RR 20th Anniv. Mix) (music by SANODG, remixed by Sanodg) / RIDGE RACER 2

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