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Deus Machina Demonbane Original Sound Track

斬魔大聖 デモンベイン Original Sound Track
Catalog Number HBMC-004
Barcode 4529790025117
Release Date May 30, 2003
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2940 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherNitroplus / /
DistributorHOBIBOX / /


Disc 1

01 Deus Machina - Thou, Become the Demon-Slaying Blade 2:43
02 Endlessly, the Curtain Rises - From Beyond the Darkened Sky 2:33
03 Guardian of Justice - Through Grandeur and Might We Go 2:20
04 Dance of the Super-Humans - A Clash Between Laws 3:44
05 Roar of the Machine God - Steel Crossed with Steel 3:56
06 Fury of Steel - Scorching Mercurial Blood 3:12
07 A Burst of Justice - From the Sky of Hatred We Come 3:54
08 Our Song of Victory Rings out 3:11
09 Arkham City - Oh, City of Resplendent Grotesquery 3:26
10 Night at the Skyscraper Is Possessed by Evil 3:35
11 The Convictor - The White Angel's Wings Dance 2:40
12 Murderous Fang. Hateful Claw. I Am the Pitch-Black Tempest 3:22
13 Lament, for We Are Not of the Divine 3:58
14 Luxurious Peace for the Chaotic City 2:44
15 Forget the Difference Between Genius and Whatever Being Paper Thin, They're on Totally Opposite Banks 2:35
16 Feeling Your Warmth 2:38
17 Eternal Solitude Gnaws at My Heart 2:37
18 Sanctuary of the Profane 2:47
19 Seven Heads and Ten Horns - Transgressors of the Inverted Cross 1:57
20 The Beast Laughs 2:45
21 The Absolute of Darkness - Absurd and Sacred Inviolability 3:19
22 I Ask the Heavens. Has the Sword Been Broken? 3:11
23 Sublimation of the Destruction God - Thirst Not, Hunger Not, and Return to Nothing 1:33
24 Inerasable by Even God 2:55
Disc length 71:35
Disc 2

01 HOLY WORLD 4:00
02 Thrashing of Demons - Bloody Wind, Exploding Flame, Time to Breathe in the Smouldering Atmosphere 2:58
03 Cosmos / Existence / God / Demon 3:44
04 Malignant Lineage 3:02
05 Sword Burning with Despair 3:22
06 Infinite Helix - Accursed Universe of the Blasphemous Gods 1:56
07 Let Us Conquer the Battlefield Filled with Fear, Despair, Valor, and Pride 2:52
08 Final Movement of the Cosmic Rhapsody - Inexorable Hate and Love 2:55
09 The World's Final Song - We Shall Become Those Who Weave Legends 2:59
10 Shine 5:09
11 Well Then, Let's Begin the Fairy Tale 3:14
12 Those Who Challenge the Divine Will - The Demon-Slaying Blade Is yet Unbroken 3:52
13 Eternal Providence 3:47
14 HOLY WORLD (Karaoke) 4:00
15 Shine (Karaoke) 5:09
16 Eternal Providence (Karaoke) 3:46
17 Metallic Warcry! Demonbane! (Metallic Warcry Vocal Version) 4:43
18 Metallic Warcry! Demonbane (Karaoke) 4:41
Disc length 66:09

Translated by FallenAngel
Total tracks 42   Total length 2:17:44


Composed & Arranged by Toshimichi Isoe
Lyrics by Hassy
Vocals by Yuichi Ikuzawa

Composed & Arranged by Masayoshi Murakami
Lyrics by Hassy
Vocals by Masatoshi Ono

Composed & Arranged by Toshimichi Isoe
Lyrics by Ikuko Ebata
Vocals by Kanako Ito

Composed & Arranged by Yoh Ohyama
Lyrics: Gen Urobuchi
Vocals by Yuichi Ikuzawa

Songs Players List:
    Guitar: Masayoshi Murakami
    Bass: Syntaro Jimbo
    Drums: Shigeso Sasaki
    Keyboards: Toshimichi Isoe

BGM Composer:
    Toshimichi Isoe (Disc01_01)
    Kaori Tsutsui (Disc01_02,13~15,17,20,21~24 Disc02_06,08,09)
    Shinichi Amaya (Disc01_03,07)
    Yoh Ohyama (Disc01_04~06,08 Disc02_05,07,12)
    Yasuhiko Tachibana (Disc01_09,16,19 Disc02_03*)
    Masayoshi Murakami (Disc01_11)
    Shintarou Jinbo (Disc01_12,18 Disc02_02,04,11)
    Free Jazz (Disc01_10)
* The booklet as a typo in the composer credits section, crediting "Disc02_31" (which doesn't exist) to Yasuhiko Tachibana instead of the correct track 2.03.

    Acoustic Bass: Yasuhiko Tachibana
    Drums: Keiichiro Uemura
    Piano & Organ: Kiyoshi Kidokoro
    Saxophones: Jun Kondou
    Violin: Keisuke Ohta

BGM Rock and Other side PLAYERS
    Guitar & Acoustic Guitar: Masayoshi Murakami
    Guitar & Bass: Yoh Ohyama, Syntaro Jinbo
    Drums: Shigeso Sasaki
    Piano, Windsynth & Chorus: Kaori Tsutsui  
    Violin: Misa Kitatsuji
    Keyboards: Toshimichi Isoe

Sound Produced by ZIZZ

Producer: Toshimichi Isoe (ZIZZ STUDIO)
Co-Producer: Ikuko Ebata (ZIZZ STUDIO)
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Takashi Sakane (Scrum Staff)
BGM Recording Engineer: Masakazu Anai (Cosmic Factory)
Special Thanks: Kenji Matsuoka (松岡 健二) (em-METHOD)
Recording Studio: Space VELIO, ZIZZ STUDIO, Pipo St.

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