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Rainbow Road Adventures

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 30, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsShiryu Music


Disc 1

01 16cc Rainbow (Orchestral) 2:15
02 16cc Rainbow (Electro) 2:15
03 16cc Rainbow (Chiptune) 2:15
04 64cc Rainbow (Orchestral) 3:20
05 64cc Rainbow (Electro) 3:22
06 64cc Rainbow (Chiptune) 3:20
07 Advanced Rainbow (Orchestral) 2:56
08 Advanced Rainbow (Electro) 3:00
09 Advanced Rainbow (Chiptune) 2:55
10 Cube Rainbow (Orchestral) 3:08
11 Cube Rainbow (Electro) 3:08
12 Cube Rainbow (Chiptune) 3:07
13 Double Rainbow (Orchestral) 2:29
14 Double Rainbow (Electro) 2:28
15 Double Rainbow (Chiptune) 2:28
16 Zero Rainbow (Orchestral) 3:01
17 Zero Rainbow (Electro) 3:01
18 Zero Rainbow(Chiptune) 3:01
19 Super Mario Kart Suite 13:59
Disc length 65:28



"Can you believe it? "Mario Kart 8" is finally out in the shops, quite possibly the very best reason to own a Wii U out there. Teaming up with Meus Jogos DS, I bring you a celebration of Mario Kart, all the way back to the original SNES outing to the more recent ones, focusing on an aspect that remains on all entries of the game: Rainbow Road! That's right, no matter if you're racing underwater, in the sky, upside down, with one or two pilots, using a bike or a kart, there is always Rainbow Road waiting for you in the end. This LP brings you six versions of the Rainbow Road theme music, each in three different styles: Orchestral, Electro and Chiptune. One of them is not even from Mario Kart, but from the 64DD "F-Zero X Expansion Kit". Hope you enjoy this one, as for me, time to get some shiryus "Mario Kart 8" quality time!" - Shiryu

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