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Planetary Annihilation Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A [Extra Credits]
Release Date Jun 04, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Uber Entertainment
Composed by Howard Mostrom
Arranged by Tim Huling, Brad Hawkins
Performed by Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale (Simon James, Joseph Gottesman, Walter Gray, Jennifer Godfrey, Brent Hages, Mark Robbins, Allen Vizzutti, Tony DiLorenzo, Ko-ichiro Yamamoto / , Chris Olka, Rob Tucker), Howard Mostrom
Lyrics by Howard Mostrom
Conducted by David Sabee
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering


Disc 1

01 Destiny into Darkness 4:00
02 Preservation 3:24
03 What We Built 1:45
04 Into the Void 3:35
05 Towards the Stars 2:40
06 Dark Emergence 2:28
07 Conquer the Stars 2:59
08 Invictus 3:09
09 A Prelude to Destruction 0:36
10 Remember Who You Are 1:46
11 A Strange New World 3:15
12 A Galaxy Is Born 1:23
13 The Progenitors 1:56
14 Tides of Steel 3:22
15 Metal Malice 1:52
16 The Die Has Been Cast 2:54
17 Prepare for War 1:12
18 Unrelenting Machines 2:47
19 Formed for Greatness 1:27
20 Lapse in the Synapse 3:01
21 Requiem for the Fallen 1:22
22 Dawn of Battle 0:33
23 Ageless Struggle 3:18
24 Annihilation Complete 0:34
25 Planets Collide 4:22
26 Mechanisms of War 1:54
Disc length 61:34


Music by Howard Mostrom

Recorded by Seattle music Inc. at the Bastyr Chapel Scoring Stage

Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale
Contractor: David Sabee
Conductor: David Sabee
Additional conducting by Howard Mostrom
Concertmaster: Simon James
Principal viola: Joseph Gottesman
Principal cello: Walter Gray
Principal bass: Jennifer Godfrey
English horn: Brent Hages
Principal horn: Mark Robbins
Co-principal trumpets: Allen Vizzutti and Tony DiLorenzo
Principal trombone: Ko-ichiro Yamamoto
Tuba: Chris Olka
Percussion: Rob Tucker
Additional percussion by Howard Mostrom
Choir Master: Nathaniel Papadakis
Lyrics by Howard Mostrom

Music Composed by Howard Mostrom (ASCAP)
Orchestration: Tim Huling
Additional Orchestration: Brad Hawkins
Music Preparation: Brad Hawkins, David Close, Eric Nielsen, Eric Goetz, Willow Goodine
Engineers: Kory Kruckenberg, David Sabee
Producer: Howard Mostrom
Pro Tools engineer: John Winters
Stage manager: Jon Schluckebier
Assistant engineer: Paul Herlihy
Mixing by Howard Mostrom, Tom Hall
Additional Engineering by Mark Trutanich
Mastering by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering LA
Uber Entertainment

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