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The American Album

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 14, 2005
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement


Disc 1

01 Jackrabbit Transformer 6:20
02 Glow Worm Jim 6:57
03 Bone Wagon, for Bones 1:33
04 Slick Rippin Keen 4:25
05 Microscopism 4:48
06 Keyz to New Junk City 4:17
07 Wheels of Wonder 3:30
08 Zombies Ate My Tracker 4:04
09 Myst Shrooms 3:48
10 Countdown to Death 5:22
11 Zapper's Freedom 5:02
12 Exiled Samples 4:25
13 Rockin' the Andes 2:10
14 K-Pax for Evermore 5:11
15 Opening to Hell 7:55
Disc length 69:47



Rereleased with 3 additional songs and new artwork as The American Album: Special Edition (

1: Jackrabbit Transformer
Original: "Water Level" from Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Composer: Alexander Brandon

2: Glow Worm Jim
Original: "Subterranean" from Earthworm Jim 2
Composer: Tommy Tallarico

3: Bone Wagon, for Bones
Original: "Bone Wagon" from Grim Fandango
Composer: Peter McConnell

4: Slick Rippin Keen
Original: "Make it Tighter" from Commander Keen 5
Composer: Robert Prince

5: Microscopism
Original: "Microscope," "Cake Music," "Dolls of Doom," and "Coffin Dance" from The 7th Guest
Composer: The Fat Man (George Sanger)

6: Keyz to New Junk City
Original: "New Junk City" from Earthworm Jim
Composer: Tommy Tallarico

7: Wheels of Wonder
Original: "Wheels of Wonder" from Myst III: Exile
Composer: Jack Wall

8: Zombies Ate My Tracker
Original: "Pyramid of Fear" from Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Composer: Joe McDermott, The Fat Man (George Sanger)

9: Myst Shrooms
Original: "Myst Theme," "Sirrus Theme," and "Unfinale" from Myst
Composer: Robyn Miller

10: Countdown to Death
Original: "Countdown to Death" from Doom 2
Composer: Robert Prince

11: Zapper's Freedom
Original: "Catherine's Freedom" and "Moeity" from Myst II: Riven
Composer: Robyn Miller

12: Exiled Samples
Original: "Exile" from Myst III: Exile
Composer: Jack Wall

13: Rockin' the Andes
Original: "MC Rock" from Global Gladiators
Composer: Tommy Tallarico

14: K-Pax for Evermore
Original: "Introduction" from Secret of Evermore
Composer: Jeremy Soule

15: Opening to Hell
Original: "Opening to Hell / Map 30" from Doom 2
Composer: Robert Prince

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