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Super Futebol 2014

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jul 11, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
Published by Shiryu Music
Composed by Hiroya Niwayama, Hironori Tanaka, Masamichi Yamazaki, Tetsuji Ohtani
Arranged by Shiryu
Performed by Shiryu


Disc 1

01 Super Futebol 1:43
02 Squadra & Stratégia 1:44
03 Royaume de Belgique 1:36
04 República Oriental del Uruguay 1:14
05 Kraljevina Jugoslavija 1:51
06 República de Colombia 1:42
07 Nippon-koku 1:50
08 United States of America 1:51
09 République Française 1:40
10 Éire 1:56
11 România 1:36
12 République du Cameroun 1:54
13 England 1:28
14 Nederland 1:32
15 República Federativa do Brasil 2:00
16 República Argentina 1:36
17 Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1:27
18 Penalty Shootout! 1:15
19 Super Soccer Deluxe 2:07
Disc length 32:02


"So there is this World Cup thing going on in Brazil right now. Sadly my home team (Portugal) didn't do very much and is back home already. As I release this album there are only two games left, tomorrow's game will decide who finishes 3rd while on Sunday the Final match will decide who gets to be World Champion for the next four years. I admit not being much of a football fan (or soccer to my American friends) but I do love me some video games like "Sensible Soccer", "Kunio Soccer League", "RedCard", "Virtua Striker 3", etc. The more arcade ones if you will. One such game was a lunch day title over here in Europe for the Super Nintendo in 1992. A smart move considering how many
football fans live in the Old Continent. However, I could only afford a single game and we all know that game turned out to be "F-Zero". But it was not long before one of my friends got Human's "Super Soccer"! An arcade style football game with a viewpoint that always reminded me of "Striker" for Amiga and PC, it features 16 international teams all gunning for the cup. If you are good enough you will be shocked at the end ceremony when the referee steals the cup
and forces to face the inhuman Nintendo / Human team. It was quite unexpected and unique twist that still brings a smile to my face when I see it. That game might have been the last time we saw it in Europe, however it sprung another four sequels in Japan and even one game for Playstation. I admit, I miss Human a lot, they made fantastic games. This EP is a tribute to both the game and the currently ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The game really has some fantastic tunes. Hope you enjoy and this brings great memories of playing "Super Soccer" with friends!" - Shiryu

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