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In the Sky [Limited Edition]


Artist / Miz
Written by / Daniel Gibson, Han'some, Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibsonm Fredrik Strom
Japanese Lyrics / Ijoy, Miz
Produced by / Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson for Fourtune Prod, Toshiya Kamada
Arranged by / Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson for Fourtune Prod, Pieni Tonttu, Masayuki Iwata /
Programming / Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson, Pieni Tonttu
Bass / Daniel Gibson, Yuzo Shibata
Guitar / Daniel Gibson, Pieni Tonttu
Background Vocals / Yumi Kawamura /
Mixed by / Yoshikazu Nakabayashi /
Keyboard / Pieni Tonttu
Electric Guitar / Kazuhiro Yamahara /
Acoustic Guitar / Kazuyoshi Baba /
Recorded by / Motohiro Tsuji / , Mikiro Yamada /
Art Direction / Ko Fujikawa (ÇÀ et LÀ)
Design / Ko Fujikawa (ÇÀ et LÀ)
Photographer / Taro Hirano
Styling / Koji Yukisada (KiKi inc.)
Hair / Hiroaki Yanagisawa (V.D.C.)
Make-up / Hiroaki Yanagisawa (V.D.C.)
Artist Management / JVC Entertainment Networks, Inc.


Disc 1 (CD) [VIZL-144] Vocal

01 In The Sky 3:04
02 What Difference 4:37
03 In The Sky - Remix 3:11
04 In The Sky (MUSIC TRACK) 3:03
Disc length 13:55
Disc 2 (DVD) Vocal, Video

01 In The Sky music clip

  Total tracks 5   Total length 13:55


Includes a bonus DVD.

Written by Daniel Gibson, Han'some
Japanese lyrics by Ijoy
Published by Reactive Songs International, Un Soort Van Publishing.

Produced, Arranged by Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson for Fourtune Prod
Programming: Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson
Bass, Guitar: Daniel Gibson
Background Vocals: Yumi Kawamura
Mixed by Yoshikazu Nakabayashi

Written by Anders Bergstrom, Daniel Gibson & Fredrik Strom
Japanese lyrics by Miz
Published by Musicano Music, Reactive Songs International, Warner Chappel Music & JVC Entertainment Networks

Arranged by Pieni Tonttu
Programming, Keyboard & Guitar: Pieni Tonttu
Bass: Yuzo Shibata
Electric Guitar: Kazuhiro Yamahara
Acoustic Guitar: Kazuyoshi Baba
Background Vocals: Yumi Kawamura
Recorded by Motohiro Tsuji, Mikiro Yamada
Mixed by Yoshikazu Nakabayashi

Arranged by Masayuki Iwata

Produced by Toshiya Kamada

Art Direction & Design: Ko Fujikawa (ÇÀ et LÀ)
Photographer: Taro Hirano
Styling: Koji Yukisada (KiKi inc.)
Hair&Make-up: Hiroaki Yanagisawa (V.D.C.)

Artist Management: JVC Entertainment Networks, Inc.

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