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Yakitate!! JAPAN Shudaikashuu BEST Ban!

焼きたて!! ジャぱん 主題歌集 BESTぱん!
Catalog Number SVWC-7362
Barcode 4534530014375
Release Date Jun 21, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3045 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelAniplex / /
ManufacturerAniplex Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc. / /



Disc 1

01 Houkigumo 4:25
02 SUNDAY 4:09
03 To All Tha Dreamers 5:17
04 Promise 4:34
05 Hummingbird 4:52
06 Re:START 3:36
07 Chiisana Uta 4:01
08 Merry Go Round 4:36
09 Kokoro Biidama 4:10
10 Yakitate!! JAPAN 2:17
Disc length 41:57



M-01 - 1st Opening Theme
Performer: RYTHEM
Composer: RYTHEM, Yukari Kato
Arranger: CHOKKAKU
Lyricist: RYTHEM, Yukari Kato

M-02 - 1st Ending Theme
Performer: The Babystars
Composer: Akihito Tanaka
Arranger: The Babystars, Michael S. Kawai, Susumu Osada
Lyricist: Akihito Tanaka

M-03 - 2nd Ending Theme
Performer: SOUL'd OUT
Composer: Diggy-MO', Shinnosuke
Arranger: Shinnosuke
Lyricist: Diggy-MO', Bro.Hi

M-04 - 2nd Opening Theme
Performer: TiA
Composer: Masataka Kitaura
Arranger: Kei Kawano
Lyricist: Natsumi Kobayashi

M-05 - 3rd Ending Theme
Performer: little by little
Composer: tetsuhiko
Arranger: tasuku
Lyricist: tetsuhiko

M-06 - 4th Ending Theme
Performer: surface
Composer: Yoshiharu Shiina, Takao Nagatani
Arranger: Zentaro Watanabe, Yoshiharu Shiina, Takao Nagatani
Lyricist: Yoshiharu Shiina

M-07 - 3rd Opening Theme
Performer: MARIA
Composer: TATTSU
Arranger: Eikichi Iwai
Lyricist: Maiko

M-08 - 5th Ending Theme
Performer: Mai Hoshimura
Composer: Mai Hoshimura
Arranger: CHOKKAKU
Lyricist: Mai Hoshimura

M-09 - 6th Ending Theme
Performer: RYTHEM
Composer: RYTHEM
Arranger: CHOKKAKU
Lyricist: RYTHEM

Composer: Taku Iwasaki
Arranger: Taku Iwasaki

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