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Lupin The 3rd '71 ME TRACKS

ルパン三世'71 ME TRACKS
Catalog Number VPCD-81271
Barcode 4988021812719
Release Date Feb 21, 1999
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2548 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Sound Effect
Labelvap / /
ManufacturerVAP Inc. / /


Disc 1

01 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-1<from #18> 0:09
02 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-2<from #6 + #1> 1:29
03 SUB TITLE <from #3> 0:09
04 LUPIN WALKIN' T.V.ORIGINAL<from #8 + #11> 1:43
05 DEEP SUSPENSE <from #5> 1:04
06 AFRO"LUPIN '68" VARIATION <from #13 + #3> 0:55
07 Lupin III Theme Song II BGM-1 <from #3 + #21 + #23> 1:26
08 LUPIN THE BRIDGE-1<from #6> 0:10
09 AFRO"LUPIN '68" INSTRUMENTAL (TV size/Episode 6 Opening Theme) 1:27
10 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-3 <from #19 + #4> 1:36
11 SCAT THEME T.V.ORIGINAL<from #2/3pieces edit> 1:10
12 RHYTHM SUSPENSE <from #6 + #15> 1:04
13 LUPIN THE BRIDGE-2 <from #14> 0:09
14 DANGEROUS HIGHWAY <from #18> 0:56
15 YEAH! LUPIN<from #10 + #6 + #11> 1:10
16 LUPIN A GO GO<from #8 + #9> 1:28
17 AFRO"LUPIN '68" T.V.ORIGINAL<from #14 + #15> 1:02
18 LIGHTNING TIME <from #17 + #8> 0:57
19 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-4 <from #6 + #1> 1:23
20 AFRO"LUPIN '68" BRIDGE-1<from #23> 0:14
21 VIOLENCER'S NIGHT <from #15> 1:01
22 Lupin III Theme Song II BGM-2 <from #3> 0:31
23 SHORT SCAT-1<from #17> 0:35
24 SHORT SCAT-2<from #9> 0:28
25 Lupin III Theme Song II BGM-3<from #6> 0:55
26 Lupin III Theme Song 3 (TV size/Episode 16 Opening Theme) 1:07
27 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-5<from #15 + #6> 0:30
28 AFRO"LUPIN '68" BGM-1<from #8> 0:40
29 AFRO"LUPIN '68" BGM-2<from #19> 1:02
30 AFRO"LUPIN '68" BRIDGE-2<from sono-sheet> 0:16
31 LUPIN THE DEXY<from #15 + #18 + #16> 0:55
32 BITTER DEFEAT<from #18 + #6 + #3> 1:22
33 DARK EYES <from #2> 0:21
34 Lupin III Theme Song II BGM-4<from #7 + #23> 0:58
35 Lupin III Theme Song II BGM-5<from #9> 1:05
36 MOODY AFTERNOON<from #11> 1:01
37 COOL LOUNGE <from #8> 1:14
38 CORDON 24:00 <from #14 + #13> 1:14
39 MIDNIGHT CHASER <from #22> 1:47
40 GALLOP SAMBA T.V.ORIGINAL <from #20> 1:13
41 ZENIGATA FANFARE <from #15> 0:17
42 Lupin III Theme Song 3 BGM-1<from #12 + #16> 1:29
43 GALLOP SAMBA MIDIUM <from #15 + #20> 1:17
44 Lupin III Theme Song I BGM-6 <from #10 + #1> 0:58
45 LUPIN THE BRIDGE-3 <from sono-sheet> 0:11
46 Lupin III Theme Song 3 BGM-2 <from #20> 0:35
47 TRAGEDY <from #17> 0:38
48 GALLOP SAMBA COMICAL<from #16 + #13> 1:06
49 NICE GUY LUPIN T.V.ORIGINAL <from #15> 1:12
50 Lupin III Theme Song II (TV size/Episode 3 Ending Theme) 1:24
Disc length 47:03



Only Lupin III CD with 1st TV series with original BGM. It contains also a data track with a CD catalogue, "Evergreen - Sound Tracks - Music File Series Complete File 1st issue '98".

This compact disc, includes music of Lupin The 3rd used in the first T.V. series. we tried to restore the music to it's original condition but since the original tapes have gone long time ago, we had no choice but copying from M.E. (Music & Effects) tapes. Consequently, you will hear sound effects in the music (cars, guns and actions, etc...) and we apologize that.

Music & Whistled by TAKEO YAMASHITA
Vocal & Scat
CHARIE CORSEY=06,07,10,15,17,20,27,30,45,49,50
KAYOKO ISHU=08,11,13,23,24,25,30,44
YOSHIRO HIROISHI=26 (uncredited on booklet, is wrongly credited to CHARIE CORSEY)
Track 17,26,50=Licensed by Nippon Colombia Co., Ltd.
TOKYO MOVIE KIKAKUBU (uncredited on booklet)

All tracks in MONO


-INTRODUCTION Lupin III '71 ME TRACKS Produce memo-
I'm glad to presented sound track album of "Kyuu (old) Lupin III". Yomiuri-TV and Tokyo-movie aired Lupin III in '71. Takeo Yamashita created musics are "Play-Girl", "Akuma-kun" (Devil boy), "Giant-Robo" (old live TV series, not the OVA) and "Shichinin no keiji" (The keiji 7 mens). You know "Music file series (Lupin III)" used original music tape. But "Kyu (old) Lupin III" 's tape was lost. I tried make a "Kyuu (old) Lupin III", used ME-tape of 23 stories. ME-tape meaned only music and effect noise, not add the actor's voices. How to use ME-tape are select from very small parts. One time used a bit of top parts, another time used last parts. I was hearing and check up the all of 23 stories. I challenged to pickup good feel parts, I can use produce of this album.
When the parts of actor say, the music volumes are bigger and smaller. And effect sound can't except from music. Takahashi (music engineer) tried join a thing to another parts of clean sounds. But many effect sounds stay on tape. For example car action and Bang! and the sound of footsteps.

-The thinking of Kyuu-Lupin (Old Lupin) theme music-
I try collect Kyuu-Lupin titles and how used it that is never collected it.

■Rupan sansei theme song I■
"Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupiiin Lupin the third".
You know famous opening music used from 1st to 3rd episode. It's thrown a sentence "The song of Lupin III" on TV trop. The record disc was on sale by TEICHIKU and ASAHI-SONORAMA. Strange to say, first time this music put B-side on record called "Lupin III Version 2". But few years after, Nippon-Colombia sale same music called "Lupin III Version 1". Mr Kouji Makaino was record editor for TEICHIKU Record. But Nippon-Colombia version was deleted his name. Next time editor written Mr. Yamashita. I think original TV edition were Mr. Yamashita's job, and recording work were Mr. Makaino making. Formal title is "Lupin III Version 1" now.
"TV original BGM collection - Lupin III ? Mr. Takeo Yamashita Original score" sale from Nippon-Colombia on '80 that new percussion added to Stereo master tape of TV record. (Keiichi say: I have this album. I'm writing this male with listen one. Sooo coool!) Nippon-Colombia made CD in '88 used TEICHIKU version. "Lupin III theme history" (cocc-14667-8) takes "TV original BGM collection - Lupin III ? Mr. Takeo Yamashita Original score" in '97.

■Rupan sansei theme song II■
"Ashimoto ni karamituku---".
Everybody knows famous ending music. It's used all episodes Kyuu Lupin III. This album adopt only third issue version that motorcycle sound effect on first part of music. Another issue were sound effect on last part.
TEICHIKU called "Lupin III version 1" on A-side of record. Editor is Mr. Umakaino.
But formal title is "Lupin III version 2" now.
Mr Tamio Okuda used "Lupin III version 2" in his album "Easy Rider". (Keiichi say: Mr. Tamio Okuda is very famous musician in Japan.)

The opening theme of episodes: 4,5 and 7~15.
English theme music narration by Mr. Yasuo Yamada (Lupin III voice actor). This music wasn't sale in those days. There for his music hasn't title name and the word card.
This music call "AFRO"LUPIN'68"" on first time was "TV original BGM collection - Lupin III ? Mr. Takeo Yamashita Original score" sale from Nippon-Colombia on '80.
(Keiichi say: To be precise, "AFRO ROCK THEME") After that time AFRO"LUPIN'68" fix formal title name.
This album adopt 6th episode it why another narration funny said. "Lupin III BOX Part II" ('91 CD) takes another issue version of TV film used.
"AFRO"LUPIN'68" TV ORIGINAL" is adopt 14th and 15th from TV on This album.
"Lupin III theme history" adopt same issue. But this album take new editing for music.
This version is short a few seconds and severe up down volume than "Lupin III theme history".

■Rupan sansei theme song 3■
The opening theme music of 17th~23th episodes. Kyuu Lupin III was changing the policy on one's the way for series. Because of the first half are target for adult, but the latter half were children take enjoy too.
Theme music was affected by change the way. This album was adopted 16th episode it. Because of Zenigata voice added. "Lupin III theme history" and "Lupin III BOX Part II" take 17th~23th episodes.
This music hadn't title name too. Source is only TV tape. Yomiuri TV Enterprise (copyright have) named "Lupin III theme song 3".
Indeed of 12th used another version. But too short. I don't adopt it. If you have interest, please check with Videotape.

-The story of Kyu Lupin III's music-
■Title of music■
The music of the TV series hasn't titles. TV sound call M-number (i.e. M-1, M-2). This CD's sources are TV-film. I don't know M-number. I take original titles I imaged. Usually the TV series music takes M-number on CD. This CD applied story number. A few titles used from "TV-original BGM collection - Lupin III. The world of Lupin III by Yamashita's score".
I appended word "TV-Original", because this album uses TV-original music. And I quote theme-variation (It's theme-music assembled like BGM) from original music, how melody use. Did you think who named music titles of sound track?  Indeed of this work do everyone. For example producer or director of record-makers.

■The memory of theme music■
I will speak for theme music's. I am thanks to Hayakawa, he take me so much data's.
For example interview with Yamashita and a lot of data of Kyuu Lupin III. And I add my sentences of interview with Yamashita.
01 Rupan sansei theme song I BGM-1 <from #18>
02 Rupan sansei theme song I BGM-2<from #6 #1>
03 SUB TITLE<from #3>
The top music is bridge of material TV-introduction and #1 used theme variation. I think most popular Lupin III music. "Rupan sansei theme song I" has many variations. I put six varieties.
And everybody knows effect sound of sub titles. (Do you know typewriter sounds?)

04 LUPIN WALKIN' T.V. ORIGINAL <from #8 + #11>
This music syuroku in Album "TV-original BGM collection - Lupin III. The world of Lupin III by Yamashita's score". But "LUPIN WALKIN' T.V. ORIGINAL" called "SHUFFLE ROCK- LUPIN WALKIN' " in their album.
I think you feel medium tempo music, but this is original it. This title used last scene with #3.

06 AFRO "LUPIN68" VARIATION <from #13 + #3>
This is transform variation of "AFRO "LUPIN68"". Charie Corsey appeared from Filipino. Yamashita said Lupin III is non-country. Singer must don't feel any country. Yamashita get the Charie Corsey from Naomi Sagara (Japanese singer).
By the way Tashiro (record director) was jointed Charie Corsey wish "Senyaichiya-mogatri (Arabian-night) <'89/Mushi-production>".

07 Rupan sansei theme song II BGM-1 <from #3 + #21 + #23>
This is variation of ending music. This music has many variations, played by sax, scat with Kayoko Ishu, and mouse music by Yamashita, this album put 5's patterns.

08 LUPIN THE BRIDGE 1 <from #6>
Kyuu Lupin III has cool bride music's. I tried putting all bridge music's.

(Opening theme of 6th episode)
This music is mezurashi in #6.
Because of we hear Charie Corsey voice only last parts and Yasuo Yamada (Lupin's voice actor) speak to small. I feel only instrumental. I think Yamada was record long time ago.

11 SCAT THEME T.V. ORIGINAL <from #2/3 pieces edit>
Maybe, The sound was Fujiko's motorcycle gone. Kayoko Ishu scat so adult number. Kayoko Ishu is most popular scat singer in Japan. She's famous jobs are "Play-Girl", "Ippiki-Okami (The Lone Wolf)" with Yamashita. And quiz "Time-shock", anime "Haii" and "Attack No1". All Japanese know CM of Nescafe. (Dabadahhh ah dabadahhhh)

15 YEAH! LUPIN <from #10 #6 #11>

16 LUPIN A GO GO <from #8 #9>
I feel so good cool "Lupin a go go" in action scene. I remake cool rock number, Charie Corsey's vocal and electric guitar. Yamashita fixed music of Lupin is only rock'n roll with wonderful sense. Yamashita and Yasuo Yamada were old friends when they jointed stage of "Teatle-echo". Yamashita feels rock'n roll from Yamada. He made music image of Yamada's Lupin. The effect sound "cha cha" in track 16 is fire on a cigarette lighter.

26 Rupan sansei theme song 3
(Opening theme of 16th episode)
You know famous opening music "Rupan Rupan Rupan" in the later half series. Only #16. Zenigata speaks report for Lupin. I wonder Kyu Lupin changed for opening theme on time by times.

30 AFRO LUPIN68 BRIDGE-2 <from sono-sheet>
This music and Track #45 <from sono-sheet> get from original drama sono-sheet with Asahi-sonorama. (Hi Keiichi say: I think this sono-sheet is a supplement to a child magazine.)
Of course original member speaks.

34 Rupan sansei theme song II BGM-4 <from #7 + #2>

35 Rupan sansei theme song II BGM-5 <from #9>



44 Rupan sansei theme song I BGM-6<from #10 + #1>
This is the theme variation of mysterious course. You hear "shahhh" is shower noise of Fujiko.

48 GALLOP SAMBA COMICAL <from #16 + #13>
You hear the bell in last parts, Lupin proposed to Fujiko in #13.

Everybody knows vocal song. This music used top of drama or last scene. It's so easy.

■Profile of Yamashita■
Last time. I say the profile of Yamashita.
He had born at Koube in 1930. He made music's when student at Keio University.
"Shichinin no keiji", "Akuma kun", "Giant Robo", "Play-Girl", "Ippiki-Okami" (The Lone Wolf). Anime jobs "Super Jetter. From the future", "SUBU and ICHI", "Adventure the GAMBA" and others.

It is the autumn of 1974 when the professional baseball team, Yomiuri Giants of Japan won, that I saw Lupin III for the first time. I saw Lupin III with the broadcast of Nippon Television Network.  The animation in this that time there was not the distinction with a Special shooting program and was called in general terms with the television cartoon for the child. I was surprised very much the television cartoon, because beat poured the theme song of English that worked. The name of the composition person of the ending theme, that became mature cool at that time, I thought that I am Kokuo Yamashita. (It is Takeo Yamashita in fact.  Scat singing and lock vocal entered into, the insertion song of Lupin III that the judgement mistake of the Chinese character is) to be good in English.  The scat singing that is heard with Herr,herrr came to stay as the image of Fujiko Mine in me. I thought that Yukiko Nikaido that played the voice of Fujiko is singing. (If I say the voice of Fujiko Mine Eiko Masuiyama is famous.  However, as for in the beginning Yukiko Nikaido was playing.)
I am attached the collector to the comfort, shape goodness of the music and have seen all the 23 episodes of Lupin III without regard to, other animations. The animation of Japan in that time completed in 1 year.  Therefore there usually were 50 episodes. However, the sponsor with 23 conversation discontinued Lupin III. There was not popularity.  I was 10 years old at that time.  It is the one that Lupin III has ended and was struck dumb. As for I am I good if I return to a house to enjoy what from tomorrow? The pistol of a toy is been the one that judges to P38 and played, with the friend who Lupin III was favorite. And it makes the broom the change of the sword of Goemon.  It makes a glamorous class mate the role of Fujiko. It was the one that devoted to only play that the friend of the role of the inspector Zenigata goes after everybody and turn. This is the talk in the era that the television was the king of the recreation of a child.

The popularity of Lupin III began to rise in Japan from this time. Lupin III puts on a red jacket in, 1977 years and get on the fusion sound of Yuuji Ohno and have come back.
This is a nickname (Shin Rupan sansei, New Lupin III). Lupin III, that we were intent, has come to be called Kyuu Lupin III in time. However, that music exerted a deep influence on my music sense.

In the spring of 1980, 1 sheet of record was launched from Nippon-Colombia. The title is "The world of Lupin III by a television original BGM collection/Lupin III - Takeo Yamashita". I purchased be happy to that the BGM collection of Lupin III that I expected finally went out. The shape good photograph that Yamashita tilts the glass of whiskey to, the explanation book of a color was decorated. I finished reading the explanation book in one go. And I put a needle to the record while tensing. Whether differs ---- what!  ?    --- I think that there was the one who similarly felt it, to the middle of the one that purchased this CD probably. When the music and CD that we heard on the television differ I felt it.
Even it the intention, this CD were the one that recorded it newly. I think "The world of Lupin III by a television original BGM collection/Lupin III - Takeo Yamashita" where is and be said and that be the music of a television if. It did the part-time job with Nippon Colombia, after I graduated from the junior high school.
At this time, I got acquainted with the director that made LP. I heard directly. "Why did it differ with the sound of the television?  " I was surprised at the answer. "Original tape was not discovered" Although it is the talk that is not believed the handling of the animation in that time was such a thing. The beginning was scheduled to use an original tape even CD.  However, it had been decided to record newly, because a tape was not discovered. This is the truth of "The world of Lupin III by a television original BGM collection/Lupin III - Takeo Yamashita".
However, it is the session album of sole Takeo Yamashita that this album can hear with CD, it becomes at present. Especially the atmosphere of the recording scene of the wild sense of Takeo Yamashita is a remarkable thing. It is the album that hears again and wants, if there is the one who dislikes it to except for me, although the impression in launching that time that I had contradicts. Because this album came out in 1980 the voice of the fan that requests an original sound source rose.
Even the data of this album will write for the sense. The original sales day be in May, 1988.  Article No. 28CC-2291. I recommend that I obtain to hasten, because I do not understand when it becomes sales stop.

Ten years later I got a job in the company called VAP. While doing the advertisement of a video I started the job of the production of the record.
The original sound track music excavation was started in VAP, from 1980 by
my plan production. This is "a music file series". Because it is the sound source that is not used at all it is not reissue. I was able to make album of "Play Girl" of Takeo Yamashita in 1980 years. When it is same the plan began to move. It launches all the 23 episodes of Kyuu Lupin III as the set (6 LD) of complete reservation. Actually Kyuu Lupin III was launched to before from Bandai Visual. Therefore VAP had been decided to do the 2nd launching.
It was conceivable that it does not sell if it does not attach added value more therefore.
Thereupon, I who took charge of launching proposed it to the Company, so that "BGM collection" is added at the end of the 6th sheet of LD. The idea was adopted. I who entered into work was able to listen to it although I am the music of the real thing of Kyuu Lupin III, partially. It was moving experience. However, an accident occurred.
The first problem. It is that the effect sound such as the footstep and gun report was attached to music. As for I effect sound made music the goal without being included, collapsed. Thereupon, I changed the thought.
I adopted the thing with realism in effect sound. The tune that turns up many times repairs 1 tune of connection and make.
The studio in Totoki between more than I applied and did editing work. And that, was completed is this CD. I gave up it with the size of the change of effect sound and, sound that repeat it so much, although I tried to make CD of this material, to before as it is. Then 4 years passed. I was "a music file series" meantime and made the 2nd sheet of "Play Girl". And I made 2 sheets of "Akuma-Kun". Finding the work of the detective drama "The Lone Wolf" etc., Takeo Yamashita of the legend furthermore "Giant-Robo", it makes CD. The day when is loss. Because even the tape containing effect sound is good from an enthusiastic fan, turning and desiring be CD the letter of that was received. I had been decided to submit with a company and tackle the plan book with CD preparation once again. I did not take advantage of the boom. I pursue the music of Takeo Yamashita it is the result that inevitably arrived while. It is because the original is excellent most.
I was attached power, by the fan that gave Mail to HP. I received courage from a fan, although the music that effect sound attached disliked. Borrowing this place I thank. I want to say the gratitude to all of you of a fan who took the trouble of enjoying this CD. I want to say the gratitude to Takeo Yamashita that took the trouble of teaching the world of grown-up with music to the child of the 1970's, last.

It is sad, even though I am glad, if the original tape of Lupin III is discovered in the future. Please surrender right away, if you have a tape. Who even be because does not beat you.

Televising period 1971.10.24-1972.3.26
19:30-20:00 on Sunday, televising time belt each week
Televising office Yomiuri-TV

Original / monkey punch
Serialization / weekly magazine Manga-Action (Co Futaba-sha)
Production / Yutaka Fujioka
Production charge / Saburo Gouda
Direction / Masaaki Ousumi (No1~6, 9, 12)
A production direction group / Hayao Miyazaki/Isao Takahata (No 7, 8, 10, 11, 13~23)

Picture contents / Kazumi Takahashi/Seiji Okuda/Kuyou Sai/Masahiro Sasaki/ Tameo Ogawa/Kenzo Koizumi/Norio Yazawa/Minoru Okazaki/ Tetsu Dezaki/Ittoku Ranbashi/Haruo Takahashi/Souji Yoshikawa/

Art and literature charge / Junichi Iioka
Picture supervision / Yasuo Otsuka
Art supervision / Hideo Chiba (No1~6) Masato Ito (No7~23)
Movie director / Katsuji Misawa
Editing / Kazuo Inoue
Development place / Tokyo-development place
Music / Takeo Yamashita
Recording supervision / Atsumi Tashiro
Sound / Matsuo Ono (No3~23)
Sound / Group Tuck
Production cooperation / A production
Production / Yomiuri-TV / Tokyo-Movie
Appearance of the voice

-Regular cast-
Lupin III / Yasuo Yamada
Daisuke Jigen / Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Goemon Ishikawa / Akio Othuka
Fujiko Mine / Yukiko Nikaido
Police Inspector Zenigata / Gorou Naya

-Main guest-
No1 Commissioner / Junpei Takiguchi
No2 Paikal / Hideaki Ezumi
No3 Linda / Reiko Muto // Doc Heinlein / Kouichi Chiba // Starn / Osamu Kobayashi
No4 Kunihiko Kitagawa // Shunji Yamada
No5 Momochi / Masaji Amamori // DJ / Minori Matsushima
No6 Tatsu / Kei Tomiyama // Gun-Tetsu / Kousei Tomita
No7 Commander / Ichiro Nagai // Lupin II / Kunihiko Kitagawa
No8 Gold / Ushio Shima // Yukiko Chiyomatsu
No9 Poon / Jun Hongo // Cap / Kazuo Arai
No10 Baron / Kouji Nakata // Silver Fox / Mariko Sawada // Flinch / ?
No11 Volvo / Masato Tsujimura // Lisa / Rihoko Yoshida
No12 elder / Osamu Kobayashi // Hayate / Hidekatsu Shibata
No13 Kyosuke Mamou / Iemasa Ieyumi // Kouji Fukuro / Masashi Amamori
No14 Cathlin / Eiko Masuiyama (New Fujiko ! ) // Reimond / Shunji Yamada
No15 Chief of the Metropolitan Police / Ichiro Nagai // Kanamizo / Ryusuke Shiomi
No16 Beaver / Akira Kimura // Keiichi Fukuwara
No17 Ginko Hoshikage / Michiko Hirai // Takeshi Aono
No18 Smith / Kazuo Arai // Ichiro Nagai
No19 Ganimard / Akira Ito // Ichiro Nagai // Keiichi Fukuhara
No20 Jinbei / Kouji Nakata // elder / Junji Chiba
No21 Maki / Michiko Hirai // Takikawa / Kousei Tomita // Makita / Hisashi Fujita // Takeshi Aono
No22 Gordon / Shingo Kanamoto
No23 Chief of the Metropolitan Police / Ichiro Nagai // Shunji Yamada

■Music file series Takeo Yamashita work sound track collection■
Dear the televisions cartoon BGM collection.
"Akuma-kun" Music file. Erophim Essaphim Erophim Essaphim. The first CD of original BGM that fan expected. The grotesque world where Takeo Yamashita makes. 1966-67. It broadcast it with the TOEI CO., LTD. Production NET system. It is 51 tunes a total recording tune number. It is launching on August 1, 1997, code: VPCD-81210.
"Akuma-kun" Music file Vol 2.
"Music file to Akuma-kun" and the unrecording tune was added. Is it a cool grotesque sound how? It is 53 tunes a total recording tune. I published even the recording secret story that producer Akira Hirayama passes. It is launching on June 21, 1998, code: VPCD-81255.
"Giant-Robo" Music file
"Let's Fly! Giant-Robo!" CD of fan long-awaited original BGM. The SF action sound by Takeo Yamashita. 1967-in 1968 TOEI CO., LTD. Production NET system televising. It is launching on June 21, 1998, code: VPCD-81256. It is recording 88 tunes a total recording tune. I published even the recording secret story that producer Akira Hirayama passes.
"Play Girl & Play Girl Q" Music file
The heat of the 1970's fills and sexy action. The album that became the initiative of the reassessment by Takeo Yamashita. You must buy it without fail.
"Play Girl" "Play Girl Q" 1969-in 1976 the TOEI CO., LTD. production It is launching on June 21, 1998. NET system televising. the televising Tokyo 12 channel. It is recording 55 tunes a total recording tune all 30 title. It is launching on October 1, 1994, code: VPCD-81071.
"Play Girl & Play Girl Q" Music file Vol. 2
Jazz, whistle, scat singing, besides.
The album that summarized the music of Takeo Yamashita multilaterally. It is recording 43 tunes a total recording tune.
It is launching on August 1, 1997, code: VPCD-81209.
"It is Music file the lone wolf"
The lone wolf be the detective drama that is said to be the legend. The source/capable detective that Shigeru Amachi plays be the melody of mouth ??? revenge. It is the great work of Takeo Yamashita. 1967-it is the TOEI CO., LTD. production in 1968. Televising Nippon Television Network.
It is recording 45 tunes a total recording tune. It is launching on June 21, 1998, code: VPCD-81257.
It is launching on March 25 of 1999, code: VPCC-81286, prize: Y3,059 The decision that Munataka Higuchi (SLY, LAZY, exLOUDNESS), Diamond-Yukai participate in the project. Yamashita made "Lupin III theme songs", "Lupin III theme song II" recorded two performances by Hironobu Kageyama and Shamu-Rock. "Lupin III theme song 1 & 3''(). AFRO "Lupin '68" (RUI&ROLLY).

Plan/production/selection tune/constitution: Mikio Takashima (Vap/Music File Series)
production cooperation: Yomiuri television Enterprise Co., Ltd. Kyokuichi Tokyo Movie
Nippon Television Network music Co., Ltd.
  Japan Corombia Colombia Co., Ltd.

Mastering engineering: Ken Takahashi (Pharos)
Jacket design: Shigeo Yamaguchi (Art Works)
The sales promotion: Masaru Suzuki (Vap)
Constitution/explanation adviser: Yu Hayakawa
Special thanks to Takeo Yamashita, Izumi Yamashita and Toru Yamashita.

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