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prismatic infinity carat. ii / nao

Catalog Number FVCG-1330
Barcode 4582325373732
Release Date Dec 24, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3240 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Label5pb. Records / /
Publisher5pb. / /


Disc 1

01 Rave:tech(^_^)New;world 4:20
02 NOISY LAZY. 4:27
03 Gokujou HEAVEN 4:27
04 Hard beat×Break beat 3:48
05 Kirihirake! Roleplay☆Star Girl 4:14
06 Miracle! Portable☆Mission 3:52
07 Von Ljósálfr ~Hikari no Yousei yori~ 5:39
08 Kamijigen! Fortune Material 4:10
09 prismatic eternity mirage. 4:55
10 Merry X'mas Snow 4:58
11 My Dear, ~5pb.chan feat.nao~ 4:39
12 Dimension tripper!!!! 4:15
Disc length 53:44



M-01 - PS Vita Game "Chouji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth3 V CENTURY" Opening Theme
Composer: nao
Lyricist: Shinichiro Yamashita
Guitar: Masaru Teramae (Demetori)

Composer: MACARONI☆
Arranger: N/A
Lyricist: Shinichiro Yamashita

M-03 - PS3 Game "Chäos;HEAd Love Chu☆Chu!" Opening Theme
Composer: Chiyomaru Shikura
Arranger: Kenji Arai
Lyricist: Chiyomaru Shikura

M-04 - TV Anime "Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation" Battle Image Song
Composer: fu:u
Arranger: fu:u
Lyricist: nao

M-05 - PS Vita Game "Chouji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION" Opening Theme
Composer: YOFFY
Arranger: Masaki Mashimo
Lyrics: Shinichiro Yamashita

M-06 - PS Vita Game "Chouji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth1" Opening Theme
Composer: Tomotaka Osumi
Arranger: a.k.a.dRESS(ave;new)
Lyricist: Shinichiro Yamashita

M-07 - PC Game "Mayoeru Futari to Sekai no Subete" Grand Ending Theme
Composer: Shinichi Yuuki
Arranger: Shinichi Yuuki
Lyrics: nao, Shinichiro Yamashita

M-08 - PS3 Game "Kamijigen Game Neptune V" Opening Theme
Composer: Kenichi Maeyamada
Arranger: Kenichi Maeyamada
Lyricist: nao

Composer: nao
Arranger: Shigetoshi Yamada
Lyricist: nao

Composer: Shigetoshi Yamada
Arranger: Shigetoshi Yamada
Lyricist: Shinichiro Yamashita

M-11 - PS Vita Game "Chouji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth1" 5pb-chan Character Song
Composer: MACARONI☆
Arranger: MACARONI☆
Lyricist: nao

M-12 - TV Anime "Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation" Opening Theme
Composer: Kenji Arai
Arranger: MACARONI☆
Lyricist: nao

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