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Precure Colorful Collection Kirakira ★ Citrus

プリキュアカラフルコレクション キラキラ★シトラス


Disc 1

01 I Am Light
02 Sunset☆realise
03 ~To be continued~
04 Dreaming Girl
05 Twintail Magic ~Fling Open the Door~
06 Extraordinary! The Door of Courage
07 Green・Note
08 Trust
09 And then, the World keeps expanding
10 heart dictionary
11 no believe, no life
12 Happiness☆Wonder land ~The Gift of a Smiling Face~
13 GOLD~Heart's Shine~
14 Heart Flower
15 Power of Shine(Super Prism remix)
Disc length
Disc 2

01 The Symphony of the Sun
02 The Door of Dreams
03 Overture<Friendship Prelude>
04 100% Hero
05 Peaceful Days♪
06 Rainbow-Coloured Every Day
07 Always with a smile
09 CLOVER~Maiden's Prayer~
10 Important Treasure
11 Happiness is the password ~Yes!HappinessCharge!~
12 A Happy Rice Love Song
Disc length

Translated by Kaiari

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