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Precure Colorful Collection Twinkle ♦ Blue

プリキュアカラフルコレクション トゥインクル♦ブルー


Disc 1

01 Heavenly Blue
02 It'll Be Alright
03 Metamorphose!~Young Girls' LOVE&DREAM~
04 A Child's Time
05 Milk・Miracle・Milky Legend
06 Tomorrow、Your Flower。Will Bloom、Your Smile Will Bloom。
07 Than the Stars, Than the Flowers
08 Fresh Pretty Cure・Sun Child
09 FRIENDS~3Q4love~
10 More Smiles, More Happiness
11 Special*Colourful (ULTRA Happy remix)
12 LET'S GO!
13 Heart Seed
14 FULL MOON~Until the Full Moon~
15 Moon Flower
16 MOON~Moonlight~ATTACK(Space Trip remix)
Disc length
Disc 2

01 Can't Stop My Heart Beat!
02 ONE~Hearts as One~
04 Your Mirror
05 The Path Continuing into Tomorrow
06 COCORO♦Diamond
07 Clear Eyes
09 Jewel in the Left Chest
10 dance at dawn
11 With All My Heart
12 New arrival
13 Holy Lonely Justice
Disc length

Translated by Kaiari

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Cure Aqua (CV: Ai Maeda)
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Cure Beat (CV: Megumi Toyoguchi)
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Cure Diamond (CV: Minako Kotobuki)
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