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KSL Live World 2010 way to the Kud-Wafter Pamphlet Music & Data Disc

Catalog Number KSLC-0008
Release Date May 21, 2010
Publish Format Commercial, Event Only
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Vocal, Remix
LabelKey / / , Key Sounds Label / /
PublisherVISUAL ARTS Co., Ltd. / /

Disc 1 [KSLC-0008] Vocal, Remix

01 One's Future -SQUARE Remix- 4:48
02 raison -Crystal Cube Mix- 5:15
03 Over -Keep Paddling mix- 4:38
04 A Song to Pass the Time -KSL Live World Mix- 4:38
05 Alicemagic -hemuri mix- 4:58
06 A Big Dango Family -ARCANA structure- 4:36
Disc length 28:53
Disc 2 [KSLLW2010_02] Data

01 KSL Live World 2008 OP
03 Kud Wafter OP (KSL Live World 2010 Pamphlet ver)

  Total tracks 9   Total length 28:53


Distributed at KSL Live World 2010.

01. One's Future -SQUARE Remix-
  Performer: Miyako Suzuta
  Composer: Junichi Shimizu
  Arranger: MANYO
  Supervisor: Jun Maeda
  Lyricist: Kai

02. raison -Crystal Cube Mix-
  Performer: Keiko Suzuki
  Composer: Shinji Orito
  Arranger: Manack
  Lyricist: Chika Shirokiri

03. Over -Keep Paddling mix-
  Performer: riya
  Composer: Shinji Orito
  Arranger: Kenji Arai
  Lyricist: Jun Maeda

  Chorus: あゆみ
  Guitar/Bass: Masaru Teramae (Demetori)
  Drums: Tadashi Teramae (Demetori)

04. A Song to Pass the Time -KSL Live World Mix-
  Performer: Lia
  Composer: Jun Maeda
  Arranger: Manack
  Lyricist: Jun Maeda

05. Alicemagic -hemuri mix-
  Performer: Rita
  Composer: Shinji Orito
  Arranger: Kenji Arai
  Lyricist: Yuto Tonokawa

  Guitar: Masaru Teramae (Demetori)

06. A Big Dango Family -ARCANA structure-
  Performer: Chata
  Composer: Jun Maeda
  Arranger: MANYO
  Lyricist: Jun Maeda

  Guitar: Kenichi "nabeken" Watanabe
  Bass: Takafumi Kamijo

Mastered by Kenji Arai

Note: the catalog is printed as KSLC-0007, but that was already used and the correct catalog (KSLC-0008) is used on the label official site.
The data disc has no catalog and the label "KSLLW2010_02".

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