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White Knuckle Scorin'

Catalog Number MCAC 10551
Release Date Dec 03, 1991
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown
Media Format Cassette
Classification Vocal, Original Work
Published by MCA Records
Composed by
Arranged by
Performed by Jellyfish, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bombshell, Roy Orbison, Dire Straits, Alias, Flesh For Lulu, Trixter, Britny Fox, Sheena Easton


Disc 1

01 Ignorance is Bliss - Jellyfish 3:58
02 How Have You Been? - Crosby Stills & Nash 3:58
03 Magic in the Night - Bombshell 3:49
04 I Drove All Night - Roy Orbison 5:18
05 Iron Hand - Dire Straits 3:45
06 Into the Fire - Alias 3:10
07 She Was - Flesh for Lulu 4:37
08 Line of Fire - Trixter 4:41
09 Turn On - Britny Fox 3:43
10 Forever Friends - Sheena Easton 3:57
Disc length 40:56


Side 1 (01~06)
Side 2 (07~10)

White Knuckle Scorin' is a compilation by many artists. "Ignorance is Bliss" by the Jellyfish, is the only Mario-related song on the album. The album is a soundtrack to the story book that comes with the album. The long boxed version of the cassette tape, came with two stickers attached, one saying "Official Nintendo Soundtrack", and the other the Nintendo 'Seal of Quality'.

The book enclosed with the album is in the shape and size of a CD insert. The book has several comic book type illustrations, but the story itself is mainly text. The story is based on getting the characters to say the name of one of the songs, and has a moment after each title where one of the characters says "Song Cue". It was a loose adaptation of Super Mario World, done by the same people who had produced the Nintendo Comics System stories.

Executive Producers: Ken Kushnick and David Passick

The album is dedicated to the memory of Bobby Brooks. Part of the proceeds from the album went towards the establishment of a 'Robert H. Brooks' foundation for children's literacy.

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